Video animation on the site – instead of 1000 words

Video animation on the site – instead of 1000 words

In this article we will discuss why you need video animation on the site, and its main advantages. Also, we will indicate the reasons that affect the cost of the video and the use options except sites.

This is your 24-hour salesperson

Perhaps, the most important advantage of an animated video on a site is its round-the-clock readiness to tell the visitor important information. Consider the advantages in order:

  1. In the video you say only the most important thing is that you need to know the viewer about the company, service and service. While the ordinary seller can forget something to say.
  2. A pleasant voice delivered by the announcer is available for the hearing. The visitor of the site is more likely to listen to all the information. At the same time, the seller may not be asleep, sad or tired, which will affect the voice and perception of his customers.
  3. 24-hour contact with the viewer. Animation clip is located 24/7 on the site, so I’m ready to acquaint the viewer with my suggestion at any time.

Simplifies perception

Video animation on the site is good because it can show pretty complicated things in a simple way. While a normal video, for a number of factors can lose. Particularly applicable graphic clip can be in IT technologies, where every day there are new solutions and discoveries.

What determines the price of animation for the site?

Today there are a lot of styles and types of graphics from doodle to 3D animation. To properly choose your style is enough to see examples on the Internet. After reviewing 10-20 videos, you will already be able to work out an opinion on the best option for your company. Whatever version of videos you would not like, there are a number of reasons that will determine the cost:

  • 2D or 3D animation? A 3D roller will take times more time to produce than a two-dimensional one.
  • Speaker. Almost any person with a good voice can sound the video, but the higher the level of the announcer, the more expensive it will cost you.
  • Timing of the roller. From the length will depend on the budget of the video and the time of project execution.
  • Music. Stock music – is selected quite quickly, music written to order, requires more resources and time.
  • Graphic complexity of performance. If you chose a non-trivial video style, then its implementation may require special artists working in this style.

Video animation for social networks

In such a social network as Facebook there is the possibility of integrating video on the main page of your group. There are two options for using this option:

  1. Place a promo video about the company.
  2. Create a graphic screen saver with contact data + a simple plot that will not detract from contact information.

For its own page, Edpit agency developed an animation for the second version. From the left to the right are always contact information: mail, website, phone numbers. In the center of the screen, with the help of the moonstone design, shortcuts with the agency’s main offers are animated.

One video instead of 1 000 000 letters

A video clip that tells about a product or service will save your website visitor a lot of time. People too save their time to read articles, they prefer a more modern way of absorbing information. This is also evidenced by statistics, YouTube is the main site of modern people. Video animation on the site is becoming an important competitive advantage in our time, more companies are starting to use this tool.


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