Viral videos and their price

Viral videos and their price

Today, any video should be viral, except that some informational types of videos may be different. Viral is a synonym for the word “noticeable”, because the content on the Internet and on TV every day becomes more. Viral videos and their price is a matter of compromise between the realization of the idea at 100% and saving the advertising budget.

Factors on the cost of viral video

  • Scenario. It is he who determines what will be in the frame, so if there is a task to reduce the budget, then they first resort to it. After all, if the scenario actions occur in the Maldives, then a reduction in costs may be the transfer of actions to Turkey, Egypt or Odessa. The main factor to be considered is whether the idea of ​​the video clip will suffer or not.
  • Location For example, the same location in the capital and outside it can cost different money. The main factor here will be the financial feasibility of moving the entire film crew to one place or another. In addition, in the absence of a finished option – the location will need to be recreated, which is almost always more expensive than renting a room.Viral videos and their price 1
  • Team. Not an experienced team, can make a mediocre video out of a good script. At the same time, a person (team) with a decent baggage of experience will almost certainly require supplying the shooting process with the necessary minimum. So you need to be prepared that an experienced professional will accurately request the technical equipment of the highest class.
  • Cost of equipment. There are always at least 5-7 options for how to shoot the same movie. But will the economy option to arrange a customer for visual perception? Naturally, the more detailed each frame will be worked out from the technical side, the better the result will be. In turn, the creation of “uniqueness” in each scene requires a good equipment. Each video clip is individual, so somewhere you need a special light for the character, somewhere a snap-in for the camera, and in some places specific optics. Therefore, viral videos and their price can cost a lot of money if the customer is picky about the details or hires the same director for the project.
  • The cast. Viral videos and their price also depends on the cast and experience of the actors. The run-up of the budget can be large, because you cannot compare the fees of a student of a theatrical high school and the star of the screen.

Postproduction viral video and its price

Postproduction stage can be divided into several important components. If it is very short, then it is usually installation, sound, graphics. In the expanded version, it looks like this:

  • Installation of video clips. The installation itself is a guarantee of the viewer’s good perception of the idea. A good montage conveys the right mood or creates an understatement conceived by the author. To complete the work requires technical resources, because sometimes digital source code takes up huge amounts of memory. In addition, the work of the editor is not limited to cutting episodes, may still require image stabilization, cropping, and more.
  • Sound. The editing is done under the previously selected music, if there is no music, then most often these are the intersperses that need to be created. The sound engineer or composer usually works on the sound after creating at least a draft version of the video. Sounds are both literal sounding of what is happening in the frame, and more metaphorical statements. As for the music, it may be the option of buying ready-made compositions, and the author’s writing specifically for the task.
  • Color correction. Raw footage usually has a gray unsightly look. This source is best suited for any creative task. Strengthening some shades and reducing others is a tool for giving the right mood.
  • Graphics in the video. If this is a video clip, then special effects may be created by the graphics for the script. Here restrictions can only be in the minds of the authors. It can be, as the imposition of simple textures, and the creation of entire backgrounds of non-existent buildings and objects.
  • Motion design Most often it is any text signatures in a viral video. Also, no pekshot not do without motion-design. The logo or the final text looks more effective if their appearance is accompanied by visual effects.


You can understand how much viral videos cost or what the price will be, only after a detailed calculation. After all, each video is special in its own way, somewhere everything can be removed in 4 hours, and somewhere you need 2-3 shooting days. In one case, you need one actor, but somewhere a crowd of 20 people. Therefore, each separate scenario requires its own price calculation.


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