What is Digital Marketing and how does it help the brand?

What is Digital Marketing and how does it help the brand?

Digital – this is a kind of advertising that finds its audience using screens of smartphones, computer monitors and other things. Digital marketing is closely connected with Internet marketing, however, it is also accepted to include offline communications in its arsenal – SMS & MMS. Which “find” the target audience when the Internet is off.

Digital Marketing is all modern ways of communication with the help of digital technologies, not only the Internet, but also TV with radio broadcasting.

Digital Marketing

What tasks does Digital solve?

  1. Increase in sales. Any contact with the viewer boils down to a purchase, or an action that will later lead to this.
  2. Growth of brand recognition. As one comedian said: even a watermelon, which will be shown on TV every day, every year has every chance to become a hero of the country.
  3. Consolidation and support of the image in the minds of people.

What is good about digital marketing for sale?

  • Due to the fact that the Internet is becoming more and more common, the person’s involvement in it is quite large. Therefore, the presence of the brand in the Internet environment, ensures eye contact.
  • If you compare with billboards in the city center, where the competition for placement is great, and you need time to settle there, then on the Internet, there are no frames. You can start your content as soon as it comes to your mind. You are not limited to the territory in any way.
  • You can manage the advertising company in real time by analyzing the statistics. In the process of displaying your advertising, you can add and edit the settings for age, sex, geo-data and so on.
  • Promotion works especially well for a young audience, which is the most active Internet user. And as you know, all brands want to get young people as clients. This is due to the fact that young people are already earning money, but have not yet managed to get a family and children that are expensive.
  • Internet marketing is great for companies that do not yet have large budgets for TV. And in the context of a clear adjustment of the audience, this advertising channel is becoming more important also for large brands.

Digital Brand Promotion Tools

Here is a list of the main marketing tools for Internet marketing. As soon as there is some innovation, there immediately appear opportunities for advertisers.

  1. The site of the company. Social networks can disappear and be replaced with instant messengers, and the site is your constant.
  2. Advertising banners.
  3. Viral advertising brand.
  4. Bloggers and opinion leaders.
  5. Mobile applications, games and services.
  6. Contextual advertising on the Internet.
  7. VR-technology.
  8. Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and others.
  9. Sponsorship projects.
  10. PR Digital.

How to measure results in Digital?

  • Sales. The simplest, most understandable and logical way to measure your activity on the Internet. It can be requests for purchase from the Internet and also offline orders, but which came from digital advertising. To identify the customer, you can advertise in a special promotional code with a discount, which will be a signal to you that this client came to you from the Internet.
  • Loyalty. You see the number of increased registrations in the personal account of the site or the number of discount cards.
  • Traffic. In Google or Yandex metrics you can track visits to your site and turn them into transactions.
  • Awareness of your brand among people.
  • Interaction of the target audience with the brand.

Conclusions on the topic

With the development of the Internet, wi-fi points in modern society and the cheapening of smartphones, digital advertising is becoming more relevant. Adjusting the display of advertising content by sex, age and status allows you to get the most accurate hit in the audience. Thus, digital marketing becomes the most accurate and affordable way to promote the brand.


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