Where is video advertising used

Where is video advertising used

Every day there are more and more Internet sites, and every business wants to be there, but not everywhere video content will be the best solution, so in this article we will look at where video advertising is best used.

YouTube video ads

YouTube is today video hosting number one in the world. On the one hand, this is the best platform, specifically aimed at video content, on the other hand, you have to compete for attention among your favorite video programs of viewers. Therefore, it is important to create video clips that will be interesting to the audience.

At the time of publication of this text, YouTube has 2 types of video advertising:

  1. Video ads that you can skip. The viewer can click the “skip” button 5 seconds after the start. An advertisement that cannot be missed.
  2. The viewer is not able to miss such advertising, but she has a time limit of 15-20 seconds depending on the region.

An example of a short video ad on YouTube:

Facebook Promotional Videos

Facebook is interesting because here people not only read and watch celebrities, but the most important thing is to publish their news and go to look at their friends. Therefore, scrolling through Facebook feeds is practically a drug for a modern person. So much the better for you. Your video may well stand out among textual news and pictures, even the algorithms of this social network will position your ad so that it is not next to another advertiser.

Facebook itself recommends making short videos in general cases, to be honest This recommendation is useful for all occasions, because today a modern person does not have time and there is an opportunity to miss.

Video ads on Instagram and Stories

Where is video advertising still used? In Instagram. At its core, the approach to advertising for Instagram and Facebook are not fundamentally different. Is that Instagram Stories is more popular with users than the same vertical stories on Facebook.

From purely technical important differences – there are restrictions for video clips, namely 60 seconds. But if your ad is properly created, then this temporary restriction will not be a problem for you.

Where is video advertising used

General Tips on Video Advertising

  • We must always remember that in such social networks and sites you are competing for attention not with your competitors, but with video clips “about dogs and cats”, “about launching a rocket to Mars”, and a new clip of the group “Coldplay”.
  • Thus, try to think through when creating a script, not only about the story about your product, but also about the entertainment component. A brand or product needs to be shown in the first seconds. We ourselves at the edpit agency previously sinned by flirting with creativity, but now the time for video is less and less, so it’s important to remember the viewer from the very beginning. Square or long videos depending on the format of the social network.
  • Today, many people hold their smartphones vertically, so it is more logical if, for example, your advertisement is in the same format. In addition to convenience for people, it is also an opportunity to fill 100% of the space with your content.
  • Make short videos. Everyone has little time, everyone is in a hurry and busy, so only the most important information should be left in the commercials. Attract attention in the first seconds of the video ad. Even if you have a brilliant idea of ​​the video, but the disastrous beginning – the viewer will switch. Take care of the “hooks” that will hold the audience interest.
  • In general, we advise you to adhere to the fact that every second of the promotional video was interesting, what will happen next? It will be a mistake to assume that your advertisement will look in complete silence, for example, by closing in a quiet place.
  • Most likely, on the contrary, a person will look without sound, since for example he may be in a public place. Therefore, add captions, text and charts so that your promotional video is clear even with the sound turned off.

Of course, the question “where video advertising is used” should be considered depending on the audience, positioning and market situation. Any 100% statement in favor of the use of a site – can be formed only after testing.


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