7 reasons to order video advertising for the company

7 reasons to order video advertising for the company

Do you have an outstanding product or service?

If you have such a product, then you definitely need to order video advertising, so that everyone will know about it. You can argue and say that a good product does not need advertising, let me laugh at you and give you an example with Google and Apple, the budget of their advertising companies is billions of dollars a year. Annually figures on advertising only increase. Even if you assume that you have a smaller scale and it is not customary in your segment to shoot promo clips about the company (let’s say this happens), then even more take a step, be the first.

Launching a new product or service

If you have launched the release of a novelty, then everyone should know this and as soon as possible. Catch the moment until the novelty has become yesterday. This video can be an informational occasion to remind of yourself, attract new customers, who will initially go after one, and receive another. Share your audience with everything new that you have. From discounts and shares to the opening of new branches.

Show how everything works for you

In our time it is not enough to be useful and loyal. A person wants to be sure that something he buys from you is created at a decent level, using modern, environmentally friendly technologies. You’ve probably noticed that there are more and more places for eating, with an open kitchen. The client will choose the restaurant where he sees cooking, rather than the place where the dish is taken from behind the screen. This trend can be traced not only in public catering, but also in other areas.

YouTube – the 2nd most popular website, after Google

The lion’s part of your audience is sitting on YouTube, be there with your customers. You can order video advertising about your company, video reviews or just release video blogs. Call your uploaded videos in such a way that they are issued on request in the search. If we talk about content on a regular basis, then you can produce video clips on your specialization on a serial basis. Also do not bypass and duplicate your promotional video clips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin – after all your viewer can be a fan of just one of these social networks.

Advertising video is the shortest way to the client

In an era when everything is scrolling at high speed in your customers’ smartphones, it’s important to remember that for eye contact you have a few seconds. Within 3 seconds, as your client sees an advertising post or video, he decides to turn on or look at more. Detain the attention of the audience is best obtained from the video clip, tk. Nothing more bright, saturated and powerful in potential humanity has yet come up. We at Edpit agency always advise our clients to make bright and emotional videos, because they leave a mark best. By itself, the commercial is good because it combines the visual part, the musical and the semantic.

Monitor information about your company yourself

If you refuse to rent a video about your company, you risk, the fact that someone will do it for you. In this case, you will not be able to control the content, quality and content. As a rule, people are only going to make angry reviews when everything is fine – people will not write or even shoot a video review. What do we get as a result? Your potential customer wanted to search for information about you on YouTube. Provided that you do nothing in this direction, he stumbles upon hard-hitting video reviews and reviews. Impression in this case will consist exclusively of negativity.

To be on hearing

There are a certain number of people who are subscribed to you on social networks and are waiting for information from you. Text posts are not the most convenient format for communicating with the public. Someone from your audience makes breakfast, someone goes in a minibus, so the most convenient format for the viewer (and not for you) will be video content. It does not matter whether you shoot it yourself or you want to order video advertising from professionals, the main thing is to be in touch with your viewer and constantly feed fresh and interesting content.


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