A few reasons to order an animated movie instead of filming a video

A few reasons to order an animated movie instead of filming a video

This article is more about performance than comparing the two types of video content. Sooner or later the company comes the moment to order an animated movie or video. Let’s figure it out when the animation is the best option for you?

Sometimes it’s just cheaper

When creating an animation clip – there are no items of expenditure, such as actors (only for scoring), locations, crew, make-up artists and so on. The saved budget can be spent on original music, professional announcers or simply on the rotation of video on social networks.

There are no restrictions on the scenario

Fantasy script writer in the plot is not limited to anything. If in the video you encounter some problems if you need to show the underwater world or satellite in space, then in animation such a scene does not differ in complexity from others.


In the animation, you can create a flying cat or a smiling hippopotamus. All that is conceived – without any obstacles can be implemented in a short time. While in life, when shooting such scenes you need a lot of resources and technology VFX.

Any special effects

In the video for the explosion, rain, smoke and other things you will need a team of specialists. In the animation – several hours of work of the moonstone designer.

Show Complex

You have an interesting, but difficult for people service, then the animation is coming to you. There is nothing better and more accessible than animation to show complex things – in a simple way. This includes banking services, IT services, crypto-currencies, special offers or promotions.

Production time

When filming a video, it takes time to select and approve the location, coordinate the schedule with the crew, because some specialists can be involved in other projects. It also takes time to prepare costumes, decorations and props. All these points are absent in the production of an animation clip. Only the statement of characters, models and palette.

It’s like the window

When you have a need to order an animated movie, it will not matter to you what time it is time outside the window. Winter or summer, rain or sun – anyway, because you can create anything.

Ease of perception

Due to the dynamics, style and color scheme – such videos are easily perceived by the audience. For some people, animation is still associated with something childish, easy and direct, and this helps to better communicate with a person.

Editing ability

Sometimes in the process of work there is a need or desire to make adjustments to the plot of the video. In an animated video, it’s much easier to make corrections in hindsight than in a video clip shot on a set. This applies to both the color palette and the principal points, such as the appearance of the characters, digital data and graphic objects. If in the video, filmed on the camera to make such edits or impossible, or very expensive, then in a graphic video – this is well-founded money.


There are a number of situations where ordering an animated movie to solve the company’s problems is almost the only correct solution. But there are no identical situations, therefore in each separate case it is necessary to weigh objectively positive and negative sides.


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