Advertising for restaurant and cafe examples

Advertising for restaurant and cafe examples

In this article we will share how we created advertising for restaurants and cafes, as well as offer examples of other similar video clips. We describe the complexity of shooting in the burger and discuss when an animated video for a catering establishment may be relevant.

Video advertising for pub Beer Point

One of the very first cases connected with food was the video clip “Instagram format” for a beer pub. There were legends about beer in this place, but now it was necessary to draw people’s attention to delicious dishes. As planned, a dish with appliances and other attributes should be served on an empty table, and the pop-up graphic would describe the ingredients.

The customer chose several necessary dishes, gave us the best chef and opened an institution for us in the early morning. We just needed to organize the work properly.

The complexity of the project:

  • For the sake of filming it was impossible to stop the work of the institution or close it. The maximum that was allowed to start a little early in the morning a little work during the working hours of the institution.
  • From dishes that evaporate – constantly misting the lens. I had to control this process and often wipe the lens.

Advertising for restaurant and cafe examples

Advertising for the cafe “Caucasian hearth” plus an example

This is exactly the case when there was a limited budget, but the team squeezed the maximum result. This video was created for rotation on the plasmas of the establishment in order to attract the attention of people in the shopping center. The main task is to show the top dishes so that the person who sees the advertisement wants to make the same order.

Even if there was more than one light source, we probably would not have had full use. After all, I had to work in the real work mode of the institution, and therefore there could not be any talk about full-fledged production work. Often, advertising for a restaurant and cafe is removed in special studios, where food stylists develop examples of different foods from the menu, and then in studio calm conditions they shoot everything. In this case, each film crew member felt like a member of the chef’s team, since dishes, waiters and cooks rushed past. To make the video look as tasty as possible, it was decided to take the following steps:

The maximum open aperture, so that only the dish is in the sharpness. Thus, even plastic fruits look bearable.
Slow motion shot of all episodes. Some shots look particularly presentable, even if it comes to very simple dishes. Thus, the budget Internet video swung a little onto the territory of an expensive TV movie – the client was pleased.
The complexity of the project:

  • Tight space.
  • 90% of the background – do not fit the description of a beautiful, had to “blur” the lens.

Advertising for restaurant and cafe examples

Advertisement for Burger Mr. Grill with an example + vlog

The network Mr. Grill to create a video clip for a burger. The task was to make the video youth, dynamic and juicy.

  • Mastering. At the location on the street. Khreshchatyk arrived creative team from the director and operator to inspect the location. This visit helped to identify the tools that were needed when shooting, namely the amount of lighting, lenses and team.
  • Training. Team building and casting took several days and a convenient shooting date was set. Often, when advertising is created for a restaurant and cafe, the institution is closed, but in our practice there are no such examples. But the client agreed to some sacrifices. The customer was warned that for the sake of shooting in the institution, part of the processes would be disrupted and some areas of the kitchen and hall would be partially paralyzed.
  • Shooting. The film crew consisted of a producer, director, cameraman, gafer, illuminator, engineer, make-up artist. In addition, the branch chef + cast was involved in the shooting. For the artistry of the frame involved smoke machine, which created the necessary softness. Having started shooting at 8.00 in the morning, the team finished the process at 17.00.
  • Postproduction The installation was carried out in accordance with selected references for a pre-paid music composition. Paxthot was still at the stage of preparation, it was decided to shoot live on the wall, and not to draw with computer graphics. Against the background of everyday monotony, such a move can be considered interesting.

Bonus: animated ad for pub Beer Point

Not many owners of catering establishments are considering the possibility of creating image animation clips. The maximum that can be found on the Internet is videos with special offers and promotions. But definitely not sketches. Most often created promotional videos about how tasty and beautiful in the institution. Be different or die, or rather be yourself – this is what we thought about when proposing a similar project.

In our opinion, the animation for a beer pub should be fun, bold and maybe a little “on the verge”. Of course, this is a place where people drink beer and rest.

We sketched many sketches of varying degrees of correctness and of the 30 ideas proposed to the customer – we decided to embody 3 of them:

Having posted the first animated video on social networks, the customer decided to create another animated video from 3 episodes:


Advertising for a restaurant, a burger and a cafe is always a set of pre-planned steps and therefore it is good to have a plan of filming, as well as examples that the customer is targeting. The more detailed the plan of filming, the better as a result will be a video clip.


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