What are business videos?

Animated commercials for business differ depending on the tasks that these commercials must solve. In our edpit agency, we distinguish the following main types of videos:

  • Roller instruction.
  • Selling animation video.
  • Image animation videos.
  • Prerolls, 7-15 seconds
  • Doodle videos usually tell the essence of the business, structural processes, and so on.

How to order an animated video for a business?

To do this, you just need to contact us in the contacts section on this site. We can offer you a brief and / or consult. You can leave the production of the future video in our hands completely 100%, or you can control and approve each stage of creation. We do all the work on the project ourselves 100% from the idea to recording the voiceover of the announcer in the studio. However, the more the client is involved in the process of providing information on the target audience, brand positioning or providing insights into the nuances of the business sphere, the more accurately we will be able to “hit” the audience.

How to start working on animation for business?

Animated videos for business are almost no different from creating regular animation. We usually start by talking to the client, filling out a briefing and starting research on our topic. We study the main topic and related ones, this helps us to have a complete picture of the future video.

Depending on the tasks, we either immediately start developing the script, or we work on ideas, and we take the already chosen one as the basis for the future script.

All stages of creating a video for business

  • Application processing, consultations, briefing, terms of reference.
  • Development of ideas or concepts. At this stage, the customer can correct whatever he wants.
  • Creation of a creative scenario. The client can make his own changes and comments.
  • Creation of layouts for the future video. We give the client a choice of different options for heroes, locations.
  • Choice of voice of the announcer, recording in the studio. We have the opportunity to select an announcer in any language of the world, with the right accent.
  • Animation.
  • Selection of music, creation of a sauna design, processing of all sound, including with the voice of the announcer.

In addition, we can offer our customers custom-made background music writing, creating a song with words that we write specifically for the customer.


Animated videos for business are a tool that should inspire the viewer to take action. Therefore, it is important that the creation of such a video takes place with the participation of professionals who know how to keep the attention of the viewer. There are no trifles here, both the script and the correctly selected piece of music are important, both the images in the frame and the voiceover. If you want to order a video for business, then contact us in the contacts section on this site.