We at edpit agency love to create turnkey animation, so we want to share with you the most significant aspects of creation, in our opinion. We are sure that they will be useful to both potential customers and novice studios who are just starting their journey in this craft. Animated business video is a multi-component product, let’s figure out what you should know before ordering such a video in Kyiv or anywhere else.
By the way, the proximity of the geolocation of the animation studio is not an important component, however, if there is an opportunity to drink coffee live and discuss all the details, this is definitely a plus and much more fun than doing it via video communication. So, let’s now analyze in detail what you should bring to the animation studio so that the result is as effective and creative as possible.

Top important things before launching a project:


  • Who you are? Understanding how you want to position yourself as a brand or company. It is also called the brand archetype. In simple terms, do you need to understand how your brand behaves if it were a person? This is important for the advertising mood, style, tone, and more. So, for example, if you are a serious and premium brand, then you better not fawn over the audience as “youth brands” do. By the way, brands that work with young people should never use the word “youth”, except perhaps in a whisper among themselves, because the youth themselves do not use such words, and this is the first thing that can give you away.
  • Who is your audience? Who are you creating your product for? The old patterns of “men and women, from 18 to 65, with an average income” are nonsense, this does not work, you are not $100 to please such a wide audience. Plus, with this approach to advertising, it will turn out to be very “correct” and “fresh”, and this is money thrown away. Advertising is created to get noticed, not to blend in with the crowd. In other words, you need to do the same work as with the brand, you need to understand who will be on the other side of the screen? If these are girls 16-20 years old, then you definitely won’t joke about fishing and mothers-in-law, well, you already understood.
  • The emotional part. Even if the previous two questions are in doubt for you and you cannot clearly answer, then it may be easier for you to try starting from the other end. If you are a brand creator, then most likely you have a very good feel for what your brand should be and the difficulties are only in the wording. Then we offer our customers to find something close in spirit and mood on the Internet. It can be a commercial from another sphere and even from the other side of the planet. Now it is more important to catch the right emotion. Sometimes an example can completely convey everything that is needed, sometimes only brand positioning, and sometimes only style and presentation. But in any case, as practice shows, “talking with examples of video clips” is much more productive, then everyone is talking about the same thing. And yes, do not be afraid of examples of other people’s videos – this categorically does not mean that it will be copied, stolen, and so on. Looking ahead, this is not the case.
  • Budget. How hard can we “swing”? There is no point in wasting time on exquisite scripts if there is no budget for it. Therefore, the order of the numbers will greatly give an understanding to an experienced screenwriter and producer how to make your story.

Animated business video that you can order in Kyiv, including ours? You can start doing exactly with these three points. It is certainly good if you have a technical task or even a script, but you must know these four points one way or another.

What are the main stages of creating an animated business video?

In order for an animated video to turn out well, it is imperative to follow the technology for creating a video. So, let’s look at all the points of creating animation:

  • Terms of reference, brief.
  • Strategic session, creating a creative scenario.
  • Creation of layouts of the future video according to the script.
  • Record the speaker’s voice.
  • Select or compose a musical composition.
  • Mixing all the sound of an animated video for business.
  • Animation (animation of all scenes).


Animated business video is what we can and love to do at edpit agency, so you can order it from us in Kyiv. Even if you are not in Kyiv, it does not matter at all, we do everything remotely, you will only have to approve each stage. If you need a similar video, then write to us or call, all the information in the contacts section.