Animation video for electrical appliances

Animation video for electrical appliances

Project objective

We were approached by Digitop with the need to create a product animated video clip for electrical appliances for each item of goods. The main characteristics of the video should have been as follows:

  • The video series should be modern and stylish
  • A person unfamiliar with electrical engineering should understand what is going on in the video clip the viewer can watch the video at work or another public place, there should be captions, because the video can be watched without sound

Creating a product animated video for electrical appliances

We held a series of meetings with the client to discuss the concept, and also to understand how we will definitely not do it. The client’s past videos, which were made by another contractor, were also reviewed. Together with the customer, they decided that one video is one group of goods. For example, a voltage relay has about 10 types, with different characteristics. Since the essence of the work is the same, all their functions can be displayed in one video.

Creating a product animated video for electrical appliances


Interviewing your friends, you can quickly understand that people know almost nothing about the protection of electrical appliances at home. The lack of such knowledge can lead to the burning of your favorite home appliances, which are sometimes very expensive. The paradox is that the protective voltage relay costs a penny, compared, for example, with TV plasma. And the very process of connecting such a relay is only to insert it into a socket. One of the reasons is that such protective electrical devices are associated in people with something complicated and not accessible. Therefore, one of the important tasks for us was to show the use process is as simple as putting a smartphone on charge, for example.

Продуктовый анимационный ролик для электроприборов


An ordinary person is not particularly versed in electrical appliances that protect the network. Therefore, we took the path of maximum simplification so that the viewer understood everything. Thus, we got a set of objects that are understandable for any user:

  • 220 Volt outlet. The network in the house / apartment.
  • Electrical appliances familiar to everyone. Computer, TV, washing machine and microwave. (In other videos, the list was supplemented.)
  • We did not highlight the normal voltage in the network, but the voltage that deviates from the norm was highlighted in red.
  • For emphasis, the necessary elements were highlighted in red circles.


Our product animated video for electrical appliances – most likely they will watch in silent mode, these are the realities of social networks. In addition, watching this video at work, in public transport – most likely will also occur with muted sound. Therefore, we decided to highlight each important action with text captions so that the viewer could read about what was happening in the frame. The style of the food clip for Digitop In pecshot (video clip) we wanted to show the brand’s technological effectiveness, so we created a digital and even slightly futuristic atmosphere. The video itself was made against the background of the classic graph paper, which emphasizes the engineering idea in each action and refers the viewer to the traditions that the brand has preserved. To highlight an important text, we chose a minimalistic rectangular yellow dice. This option contrasts well with each other and it will not be difficult for the viewer to see the most important thing. Despite the fact that before us, the Digitop brand often used black as the main color, we decided to break this tradition in order to show the brand from a new perspective.


Digitop’s grocery animation for electrical appliances was modern, simple and straightforward. The first reviews exceeded all expectations. We will write about the final results of the project a little later in our blog.


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