Ask about this when ordering a video clip

Ask about this when ordering a video clip

The customer risks the budget and reputation, so the motivation to control the process is understandable. Particularly fair such a solution will be if the customer works with the contractor for the first time. Let’s see what you need to ask the contractor to be sure of a good result.

How does this advertisement fit into the overall advertising strategy of the company?

Each new commercial should be in the context of your company’s philosophy. Due to this, you will be recognizable among people, while competitors test options in search of their style.

How does this video sell?

Ask the contractor for what your advertising will sell? What from the experience of your advertiser, gives confidence that this idea / plot will work with benefit? If a creative person is too keen on creativity, then maybe he will not have anything to say to you.

Are there signs of advertising / stamps in advertising?

It would seem that in the last paragraph, we demanded an emphasis on the sale, and so they gave us “our advertisement.” In fact, smart advertisers will never use jaded advertising stamps, since after that advertising will merge with the rest. To advertising stamps that excellently evoke yawns include phrases like:

  • Real quality for a real beer / milk / conditioner / rest.
  • Reliability of our company / our work / our service / our cars.
  • Innovative technologies / thinking / approach / service / services.
  • Trust the quality / professionals / our specialists.

Even if your product is really innovative, then it is better to avoid such adjectives, because they are associated with people with yawning. One simple way to check the advertising / stamp it or not is a simple test. Just say it in the ear and think, could you say this in a normal conversation?

Is there any credence to the created advertising?

Some techniques are introduced by the director, and some can be thought up at the idea stage. For example, a sock lying on the floor will let the viewer understand that they do not lie to him and that everything here is real. Do you believe what people say in your dialogs without pauses and interjections? Does the voice of the guest star sound organically in relation to the product, could he say so in life? Are there the same sterile places (location of the kitchen, bedroom) in real life? And so on.

Should I start advertising with the name of the company?

Fact: a person decides to watch or not watch your movie for the first 3 seconds. Putting the name of your company in the beginning, you risk draining the budget into the pipe. The fact is that the viewer does not care about you and your company, as he thinks about himself and about what you can offer him. Therefore, it is better to leave such things on a pecshot.

Was there even a minimum test?

In the work of Edpit agency, we constantly conduct testing, at least on a small scale. You can always find acquaintances from the target audience or just people from the street, and ask: how do you get this idea? It happens after such testing, we return to work on the project, clean up the marriage and improve the meaning. It should be noted that it is better to start testing with monitoring the target audience before working on the project. If, for example, we are talking about working on advertising ketchup, then you can go to the supermarket and observe the actions of buyers.

Will everyone understand the viewer?

Is 10 seconds of silence justified in the frame? Will it pay attention to itself or will the viewer want to switch? It is very important to always look freshly at your work. You can do testing on people or see for yourself. The work should be dismantled and studied. Arthouse long plans and philosophy leave for the author’s cinema, but here you need to think about what the viewer did not think during advertising. As soon as he begins to think, you will lose him immediately.


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