Before you make a commercial for the brand.

Before you make a commercial for the brand.

If you are thinking about how to make a commercial by ordering it from the relevant company, then you are better acquainted with this article to analyze the current situation of your brand. There is a kind of homework for the brand owner, who, having failed to follow the commercial video, is at least strange. And all because no one better than the founder does not say about the goals, positioning and strategy of the brand. Your strategy should be short and understandable. It should fit on the back of your business card. These concepts will help in creating a video clip and will shorten the time to find a suitable idea.

What are you different about?

Suppose you are a coffee house, a network or one small cafe – it does not matter. A brand owner should clearly understand what makes it different from other coffee houses and why people should come to it? What does the word “differ” mean to you? Coffee is served in all the coffee shops, will not you serve it instead of soda? There can be many solutions. For example, you refuse to serve desserts with sugar and start positioning yourself as a “healthy” coffee house that cares about people. The most important thing in this is to find your position, adhere to and believe in it.

Your slogan

A slogan is more than a set of on-duty phrases about quality and service. Every word here is impregnated with the experience and principles of the brand. The slogan is not an empty phrase, but a daily work. He does not just sell goods, he creates an image in the head of the buyer. Having read it, it should be clear what kind of company it is, where it seeks, what it believes in. One good slogan is already enough to make a commercial for the brand. Examples of slogans of world brands:

Burger King:

– You’re the boss.


– When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.


– For successful living.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

What are you ready to go for your principles? Your position in the market is worthless, if you do not sacrifice anything for the sake of belief. Here are some examples from life:

Barbershops make only male haircuts, although it would be possible to earn money on women (in theory).
The Nike brand could sell business suits, but they clearly chose a sporting direction.
“McDonald’s” – knowing how many popes come with their children, could sell beer, but their principles are higher than this.

Create an emotional bond

This item is partially our company can share with you. Your brand needs to gain a foothold in the mind of a person with the help of a strong emotion. Think about which emotion best links your brand to the buyer. Without an emotional connection, your service or product is easily replaced and replaced in the person’s head. There is some list of the motives of a person: survival, security, protection, livelihood, status, sex and other varieties of these motives. If you have a beauty, it is best to rely on “status”. If you sell food, then “livelihood”, etc. Choose for yourself the optimal binding, because there is nothing more reliable than the human needs formed for millennia.


In order to make a commercial with a quality result, the customer simply has to do “homework” on the above points. Nobody except the brand itself knows better than its features and vision of its future. We in the Edpit agency team will be happy to advise you on any questions regarding our competence in branding, marketing and creating video clips.


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