This is our case in which we describe the creation of social videos for men commissioned by the Public Health Alliance.

Project Objective:

Create 4 animated videos, 2 of them should focus on men’s health and hygiene, and 2 others on the topic of safe sex. First, it should be noted that this is not the first experience working on such videos. Previously, we already created a series of 10 animated videos for antenatal clinics, the description of which can be found here. Second, despite the experience, this case was different in that it contained some taboo topics. A complete list of topics announced looked like this:

  • Men’s hygiene;
  • Male reproductive health;
  • Reception PREP;
  • С.sex.

Создание социальных роликов

In connection with such interesting topics, there were a number of unusual tasks that needed to be solved somehow:

  • How to portray the genitals in a video clip?
  • How to disclose the topic of drug use with a detailed description, but without drug propaganda?
  • How to tell about gay drug sex parties? After all, there is no problem to prohibit something, there is a task to warn of the dangers of unprotected sex.
  • How is it possible to show complex hand manipulations in 2D animation, for example, an independent preventive test of the testicles?

Stages of creating social videos

Before starting work, we had such a work plan for creating videos:

  1. Scripting and writing the announcer’s text;
  2. Selection of the announcer, voice recording in the studio;
  3. Creating the main character, face, body, appearance, clothing;
  4. Designing and creating layouts for future videos;
  5. Animation;
  6. Selection musical accompaniment; mastering and mixing.

The creation of social videos adds increased responsibility, because we are talking about people’s health. In this regard, when creating the scripts and texts, we assured all the medical personnel of the respective profiles.

Создание социальных роликов

One of the features of these animated videos is that they will have rotation in clinics. In addition to the obvious advantages associated with the fact that this is a crowded place, there is an important minus. With a high probability, our videos will be shown without sound. Therefore, our task was to create a video so that the main message in each video was understood without sound. We simplified the visual range to the most understandable and simple, and also provided titles with almost all the scenes. Thus, a bored man in a clinic will be able to learn about men’s health in a convenient manner. So it has the opportunity to undergo a preventive examination.

Figures on the project:

4 video clips;

More than 30 minutes of 2d animation;

3 months of work;

7 specialists from the production side;

More than 5 experts from the customer side;

2 external experts (health workers).

Creating social videos is a complex and interesting process, in this blog we will continue publish interesting cases and useful articles. Therefore, you can follow the publications by subscribing to us on social networks. There is still a lot of new and interesting.