Creating video advertising using footage + life hacking

Creating video advertising using footage + life hacking

At the time of this writing, our creative advertising agency has received several requests for the creation of video advertising using footage. Futazh (from English Footage) – not very long in length video, which is used for video editing. All the tasks from our customers, plus minus, boiled down to about one: the rollers should be using footage from another part of the planet. In one video – it’s Australia, in another US, and in the third it’s just a set of business centers from different parts of the world. Such shots do not bear a special meaning, they simply show the scale of the work of this company. Let’s look at the nuances.

When can and should use footage?

  • Cases where you want to inform the public that your product or service is of “world importance” and is used by the whole world. Showing beautiful footage from around the world – you emphasize your message. If there is no budget to go and remove different cities of the planet, then it is worthwhile to think about buying such staff on the Internet and in principle you can mix them with the staff from your office.
  • If you have shot the material for your video and understand that one (or more) scenes may not fit into the concept, and you do not have to re-shoot the possibilities, or it’s not justifiably expensive. Provided that this scene can be replaced with footage from the Internet and it will be appropriate for the concept of the video and for lighting, this can be a solution.
  • Creating video advertising requires money investment. If you do not have a budget for experiments, but would like to be able to choose, then we propose the following option. Suppose in your video clip there should be footage of one of the city business centers. You own a budget to remove this object from a bird’s eye view, but you can not afford to experiment with the staff again and again, because professionals are paid in shifts. In this case, it’s better to buy an early video footage with the required degree of illumination, the desired angle, etc. Surely the staff of such a building in your city has already been rented and put up for sale.

Where it is better not to use footage?

  • If you want to emphasize the exclusivity and status of your company, then with the use of footage there is a risk of faking. The fact is that the frame that you download (pre-paid) and use – can also download about 573 more companies (on sites usually write how many times this episode was downloaded). It will be insulting if your viewer sees coincidence with another video on the network.
  • If you have the opportunity and time to shoot live, then shoot yourself! This is a trivial thing, but it’s better to create your own plans than to try to fit other people’s shots from the Internet.
  • When frames in video drains do not match you in quality, lighting or resolution. The use of such video materials may worsen the perception of the viewer.

life hacking

Creative advertising agency Edpit agency already uses this method in its work. Now mastering the program for video editing, at the level of a beginner – is not difficult, so we assume that the reader of this article is already able or ready to acquire such a skill. Earlier, in order to present the idea of ​​the video to the client – we drew comics, for knowledgeable people – “storyboards”. Now, in connection with the huge amount of video material on the network, you can download the frames that are similar in composition and make a draft of the video. This video can be shown to both the client and the operator on the set, this allows you to accurately convey the idea and facilitate the creation of video advertising.


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