Creation of commercials is one of the loudest and brightest promotion tools for any brand, company, product or service. In our work in the edpit agency team, we always advise you to create creative and noticeable commercials instead of telling and showing something to the viewer. Of course, there should be an element of profitability for a person, in other words, “why do I need this?”, But it may not come to this if the video is boring. Nobody watches ads, everyone watches what is interesting. If you do not believe, then ask any of your acquaintances if he / she ever went to the Internet (TV) to watch an advertisement. Most probably not. Therefore, when the viewer sees that there is an obvious advertisement in front of him, which is now “vaping” something, he is ready to switch / mute the sound / scroll and so on. But if in the first seconds you intrigue a person, then the likelihood of viewing such ads increases.

Creation of commercials

How do we create attention hooks?

As written above, in the beginning you need intrigue, without it a person will not continue to watch, so we highlight the following ways:

  • Intrigue. You need something at the very beginning to interest the viewer. For example, the video starts with a person in the frame who says, “Do you want to see how I smash this car to smithereens with dynamite?” This can be quite interesting to the viewer, agree? And then the guy continues closer to the topic: “The best dynamite from the Dynamite Extra brand with vitamin C will help me with this.” So much for native advertising))).
  • Humor. For example, the main character of the video runs and lands stumbling on a bench with large expensive cakes. The example is not so-so, but the essence is clear. There is not only humor, but also intrigue mixed in. The desire to understand what is shown here and why? In such cases, you can show something that will not immediately be clear why it is, why? For example, it can be a shot with a horse on which a dog sits instead of a rider. Have you presented? Well, you can think of a sequel yourself, the main thing is that you have already attracted attention.
  • Sound hook that attracts attention. This can be either a charlatan messenger sound, which is often used in radio commercials, or any interesting sound. The task is this: a housewife prepares a pie at home, a laptop or a TV behind her back, you need to come up with any sound so that she turns around and is distracted for a minute from her household chores. Throw in a baby squeal, velvety bass or macho man’s baritone, whatever!
  • All of the above items together in one video. Of course, unconditional BINGO, if you use all these tools, it will cover a large part of the audience, and the exhaust will be brighter. Creating commercials is a process of finding insights, unusual creativity, unexpected discoveries, so if you take the time and hire an edpit agency team, experts will help you find all the elements for a good video.

Examples of our commercials

What is important when creating commercials

As you can see above, the examples are slightly different in “picture”, in the visual range. This is because in some, the budget was spent on light, on a location, while in others they simply adapted to the conditions. So, the most important thing for your ad to be optimized is: Understanding your brand strategy. and target audience. Cool creativity and script. Beautiful locations. Good lighting (lighting devices). Excellent actors. A cool team of specialists for production and post-production.

Conclusions on creating commercials

Creation of commercials is an interesting and exciting process if you are creative. We recommend creating truly bright and creative videos, because you will always have time to get boring ones. Few people love advertising, so be the brand that cares about the audience and entertains, fills people in your advertising videos.