Development of the script of the commercial. Production

Development of the script of the commercial. Production

The development of the script of the commercial is solved in two ways: you can contact the agency or production, and also order from the scriptwriter. In the first case, you will also be removed this video, and in the second you just get the text. In order for the script to turn out to be strong and impressed the viewer, we offer you to get acquainted with the tips and rules. We hope they will be useful both for script writers and for people who order scripts.

Throw in the basket, then what on the surface

What first comes to mind, most likely it came to others. We advise you to find always fresh solutions that do not lie on the surface. Create a story such that the viewer could not predict what will happen next. Immerse the heroes in non-standard situations.

Write down the ideas that come

When a fresh idea comes to you – you need to write it down immediately, otherwise you can not remember it. If you are in transport, in an elevator or in another uncomfortable situation, then record in the phone. When the situation allows, it is best to write down the thoughts on the recorder. Firstly, it’s the fastest, secondly, you will not forget the details, which can happen when you manually enter or write.

Create a script that you can implement

The development of the script of the commercial is always a flight of fantasy, but do not forget that there will be production. Of course you can come up with space battles, dragons with four heads, but not always easy to realize. In this situation, you risk writing to the table, and none of this wins. Thinking over the idea, the concept and the plot, you need to remember that not every advertiser can afford a million budgets. Let your story be amazed by the turns of events, not by visual effects.

It’s better to write a script in a company of people

Now almost no film or series, not written alone, with advertising, too, it is better to write a team. First, you exclude moments of doubt and pauses in writing. Secondly, in the team you can sketch more interesting ideas, according to the scheme one sketches the idea, and the other continues. Author’s groups work at times more efficiently, and the question what is better and worse is solved instantly. Co-energizing gives the best result.

Do not do everything in one go

Do not force yourself to write all at once. If the thought does not go, then it can be postponed until later, even if the deadlines are already tightening up. It often happens that the idea, which seemed fantastic – the next day seems weak. Create in stages, first you can create a “skeleton”, and then add details.

Get rid of the syndrome of the honors pupil

Just take and write the script as is, without thinking about the details. You do not need to evaluate it or work it out in detail, otherwise you will never finish it. This will help you to sketch out the main idea. Then you can postpone this draft for a while and come back later with new forces and ideas. In this way, you enable the imagination to express everything that is in your head. Otherwise, on each revision you will slow down the process until the thought stops.

Think of script and logic

Work out the script in terms of logic. Are there any failures, will it be clear to the viewer? Or maybe on the contrary, your script is too detailed and you can and need to shorten it and remove unnecessary details. Work through the main core of the script and make sure that everything is accessible and understandable. Avoid banalities and stamps as much as you have enough experience. As an option, you can see what people have already done on your topic, identify cliches and not repeat them yourself.


The script is your creation, so all the rules are relative, the main rule is to make it interesting. Write in the company of people, ask the opinion of people you consider competent. The development of the script of the commercial should be realized and realized with the idea of ​​the embodiment in terms of production.


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