Equipment for the shooting of video clips

Equipment for the shooting of video clips

Light can be a ray of hope

Lighting in the frame is the most important along with the location, so this is the # 1 in any shooting. For surveys, the number of light sources and their type are usually consistent. Lighting devices are selected by the gopher and the operator, which gives an opportunity for creative experiments. Let’s look at what will determine the total number of lights, power and so on:

  • The more location, the more and more powerful the devices are needed.
  • Shooting outdoors or in the pavilion needs different approaches.
  • If the shooting takes place in a room with a window, then an additional light source outside the window is often placed. This gives the effect of a constant sun in the frame, which is important if the shooting lasts a long time.


And although there are already available without a mirror camera, but they still do not reach the movie cameras. Top brands for shooting commercials, clips and movies are ARRI and RED. The thing is that their technical characteristics have already been matched with the performance of film cameras, which gives great creative possibilities. And as for the post processing material, the digital format makes it possible to work on a PC, which for a film is possible only after digitizing.

Equipment for shooting under the camera

The camera itself, without technology – it’s like a car without wheels, no sense. For each frame, the operator-director selects lenses, rails, stabilization systems and so on. The accompanying technology is selected depending on the creative tasks, which allows you to diversify the staff and narration. Shooting with a tripod in our time already no one is surprised.

Playback for the director

The director is responsible for the result, so it is important to be able to inspect the footage. For this, there are special director’s monitors. The most important thing that a playback gives is the ability to review duplicates on a normal monitor and, if necessary, check the timing. Thanks to the director’s monitor you can track down the shortcomings in the frame, because the operator on the small display may not notice all the little things.

How to shoot a video in the field?

It’s one thing to shoot in a special location or pavilion, and quite another when shooting on the road. After all, in the city you can easily go to the toilet or buy yourself a cup of coffee, but on the nature of such benefits there. Let’s figure out what is most needed for an exit video shooting:

  • Generators. Even if the budget of your video is very small, the generator gives the opportunity to supply 220 or 380 volts, as well as recharging the necessary devices. This is due to the fact that not all light and shooting equipment can work from mobile batteries, and if it can, it needs recharging.
  • Make-up room. For a quality make-up you need a hotel room with lighting, air conditioning or heating. Without effort, you can order a van for every taste from one of the companies that are engaged in this business. Mirrors with lighting, sockets for electrical appliances and so on, all this creates good conditions for drawing makeup.
  • Van with toilet. Jokes are jokes, and if a film crew of 15-30 people starts to flee the horizon in search of bushes, then the shooting may take several hours. Special cars are rented and delivered without any problems to the set.
  • Catering. Sooner or later it’s time for a coffee break or lunch. Running in search of coffee in the middle of a field or a forest is not a varint. Special companies qualitatively organize the feeding of the crew.

Instead of output

Equipment for shooting video clips is selected strictly for a specific task. There are no identical locations, weather conditions and scenarios, so there will always be adjustments. Take a camera and go shoot a commercial, maybe a frivolous person, or a wedding videographer. In other cases, it is necessary to study the script and locations with them. Only after a detailed study of all the data can you make a list of shooting equipment. You literally have to recreate the whole video in the head and on paper, with all the details. And only then start to shoot. As the classic said: “The film is ready, it remains to remove it.”


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