Search for locations for shooting. Councils.

Search for locations for shooting. Councils.

Finding locations for shooting is one of the most important points on which the perception of your commercial will depend. Artistic value, color palette, lighting, ceiling height, the possibility of connecting electrical appliances, these are the most basic parameters for any location. In order to understand how to choose the right locations, we suggest familiarizing yourself with 3 types:

  1. Paid special locations, pavilions. Here, as a rule, everything is prepared for your work. There are make-up rooms, a bathroom, 220 or 380 volts power supply, high ceilings for light fixtures. Such places are prepared for comfortable work and rest for actors and team. As a rule, in such locations there are places for eating the team, where you can eat conveniently or just drink coffee. Disadvantage: most likely this location was shot in 50 more rollers.
  2. Locations where you can negotiate. They are not “sharpened” for shooting, but the value is usually that few people have shot these places in their video works. It can be schools, institutes, manufactures, warehouses, hangars and so on. Of the drawbacks – sometimes low ceilings, not fitness for shooting.
  3. Nature, street. If this is not the central street of the city and the scale is not too large, then it can be removed without costs. In nature, if this is not private property, then the cost of rent can also be avoided. Disadvantage: lack of power for lighting. Free location – offset by a makeup car (for extra money) and the delivery of power generators for lighting and other.

How much are the locations?

  1. Pavilions and paid locations – cost about $ 1000 / shift. There are good, adapted photographic studios, there you can find hourly pay from $ 50 / hour and up. In such studios, the budget will depend on the quality of the location itself and whether you record the sound there or not?
  2. Locations where you can negotiate can cost you a bottle of cognac (real case) to $ 5000, if this, for example, a hotel for 5 stars or an official shooting in the subway.
  3. Shooting in the city or in nature is usually free, but there are exceptions. In some cases, you need to have prior arrangements with the city hall or metro. Such a search for locations for shooting is the longest, because there are no specific ready solutions, but the reward is the exclusivity of the place.

How to find the location?

There are agencies for the selection of locations, location-managers. Such specialists have several options in advance for you, as well as a list of catapults. You can use the search engine on the Internet + your communication talent. For example, for shooting an apartment – you can find a daily rent and try to negotiate with the owner. The cost will depend on the number of crew and time. Typically, the price is 2 times more than the base price.

To search for locations in nature – you need to take cars and go watch. You can also use 3d tours on Google maps. An example of our team for locating in the forest is here:

Where can I find free locations?

Theoretically free location can be any non-commercial studio, which was created specifically for shooting. Any terrain and area can become a location, if you agree with the people making decisions. The main free options in nature:

  • Forest;
  • Ponds, beaches;
  • Plains, mounds;

In our practice, there have been cases when we agreed with the owner of a digital technology store for a present. Sometimes it’s enough to just ask and people will gladly help. It also happens that people are just interested in contacting the “magic” of the shooting process and they immediately help. Ask and you will be answered “yes”!

Good-bye advice

Finding locations for shooting is something that you can do indefinitely, it is important to consult a director, an operator and a gaiter before a trip, because sometimes that location that you think is cool – it’s banal can not come up because of the background or technical nuances.


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