How does video advertising work?

How does video advertising work?

Every company that faces brand promotion wants to understand how video ads work? In this article we have collected the most important information on this topic. Usually people who want to order video content want to get answers to the following questions, we will discuss them in the article:

  • Why do we need video advertising?
  • How is the video script created?
  • How to make a memorable video?
  • Terms of making a promotional video?
  • How to set YouTube audience viewers?

How does video advertising work

Why do we need video advertising?

First, humanity has not come up with anything better. Secondly, as you know, people love to spend time on the Internet. The most unobtrusive way to catch the eye of the audience is to show video ads. Neither the text nor the annoying flashing banners work so effectively. Thirdly, people watch their favorite movies, series and other video content for hours on TV or on the Internet. Therefore, to squeeze yourself into this environment with something other than video advertising is nothing better. Consider the obvious advantages:

  1. Ease of perception.
  2. Easy feed.
  3. Informativeness and transfer of the main meaning.
  4. The most ample opportunities for creativity.

If to summarize, then no kind of content works more efficiently than how video advertising works.

“Precise” advertising works best

Bad advertising also works, you can be sure, but the money invested returns many times longer than good. In the end, you can pour millions on the rotation of bad advertising and get a result. But this is an expensive and dangerous path. It is much better to create at once the advertisement that falls into the heart of your customer. So what is a good advertisement?

  1. Good advertising, clear and straightforward, if not the child, then the target audience for sure. There are no questions about what it is?
  2. Accurate advertising is not trivial, its creators have tried to identify and notice interesting facts that had not been noticed before. In the course of creating strategy and creativity, the creators conducted observations of the target audience, which gave a not trivial understanding of the situation.
  3. Good video advertising works for the brand, not for the entire category of competitors. Such content clearly positions itself, you will not confuse it with anything.
  4. Such a video advertising, works as a switch, as if a person has a light bulb in his head.
  5. I want to share this kind of advertisement with a friend.
  6. After watching, I feel like saying: “I thought it was just me so …”. That is, the creators notice the general truth for all, about which, as it were, no one has yet said out loud.
  7. Such a video clip is 100% alive, there is no reason not to believe in it. He definitely about us with you. There is no fiction.

How does video advertising work on the Internet?

Video clips for a website or social networks can be a universal tool for your company. According to statistics, 60% of Internet users regularly watch product videos before they buy. Thus, your company has a good opportunity to express themselves. Between a text article and a video clip a person will always choose the second. After all, video content is much easier to learn. Even if there is no time to watch, you can listen to it in parallel, doing your own thing. Thus, there are several factors that work for your business:

  • Video clip is on site 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week.
  • Pleasant voice of the announcer, will tell everything without mistakes and hesitations about your service or product.
  • Promotional video clip increases the presence of a person on your site.
  • Video increases credibility and raises conversion.


There may be several answers to the question “How does video advertising work?”. On the one hand, it can be said that there is a clear analytics on the Internet, in particular on YouTube. This makes it possible to control every dollar. On the other hand, you can disassemble a video clip as a source of permanent retention of customers on your site. In addition to all this, the promotional video can give the effect of recognition. One thing is for sure, at the time of publication of this article, the best way to communicate with customers has not yet been invented.


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