How much does it cost to order an advert?

How much does it cost to order an advert?

How much does it cost to order an advert – this, it seems, is a simple question and can it be answered easily and specifically? But no. You can not compare video clips, for example, with the installation of windows or hairstyles in the hairdressing salon. A fair comparison will be made with tailoring of a suit according to individual measurements. Everything is because every single promotional video is an individual “suit” for your business, because nobody can use it except you. Probably, therefore, video clips – still remain a sign that is both a business card of a brand and an exclusive presentation at a time.

How much does it cost to order an advert

The cost of an advert from $ 1000

A movie with such a price can include the following components based on one filming day:

  • Shooting from the ground and / or from the air;
  • Mounting, color correction;
  • Graphic and moush design in the form of text inserts and pixons;
  • Musical composition from a free or paid stock site;

If any component has its own features, for example, shooting more than one filming day, this can lead to additional expenses or a reduction (in agreement with the client) of computer graphics. Variants of situations can be many and they are conditioned by the individual features of a particular survey.

The cost of the commercials is from 2000 $

Such a video usually differs from the first complexity of shooting and the volume of graphics. But there may be situations where transport costs can spend most of the budget, such as long-distance or short-haul flight crew. Also, the cost of shooting can go to the cast and makeup. If we are talking about a regular production roller, then the budget is usually spent on a well-worked concept of computer graphics.

So, here’s a small list where the budget of a video can be spent:

  1. Actors and makeup;
  2. Optional, professional lighting equipment;
  3. Progressive shooting equipment;
  4. High-quality computer 2d Graphics;

The cost of a commercials of $ 3,000

How much it costs to order an advert – often depends on the presence of special tasks in the video. In addition to the above mentioned costs from the previous paragraphs, one can also distinguish the ones that occur during the production of an advertising video:

  1. Purchase of the original musical composition to order from the composer;
  2. 3d graphics, entry level;
  3. VFX, CGI – entry level in episodes;
  4. Rent of additional locations on an hourly basis or changeable;
  5. special artistic make-up; custom-made or rental of props;
  6. of course, this is not the whole list of options that can influence the formation of the budget.

Sometimes some options may cost a lot of money because of the amount of work, not because of the complexity of execution. So, for example, a staff retouch is a titanic work, because in the second there are 25 such frames, and in the video can be 30-60 seconds.

Since this article began with comparisons with the services unrelated to the video, the author will allow himself to compare the video from cars. In front of you, there are two identical logic questions:

  • I want to buy a car, how much does it cost?
  • I want a video clip, how much is it?

The seller at the car dealership will fill you with questions in style: what brand? What is the volume of the engine? Consumption? Why do you have a car? What kind of salon you want and so on. Similarly, when creating video clips, before you answer how much it costs to order an advert, it is logical to get a series of answers, to the following questions:

  • Why will there be an advertising video?
  • What are the tasks facing the roller?
  • Where will this promo
  • Is it a shooting or animated movie? And so on.


As you can see, before judging how much it costs to order a commercial, you need to understand a number of strategic issues that will allow you to judge the budgets more substantially. Actors, the volume and complexity of the graphics, special make-up, props, locations, and much more, all of this greatly affects the final amount for an advertising video.


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