How much is advertising videos for TV and YouTube?

How much is advertising videos for TV and YouTube?

It is not by chance that the phrase “How much do you earn?” Became a meme on the Internet. After all, the question of money is always relevant or at least interesting for many. That is why we decided to write an article about how much advertising on YouTube costs, if you order it in video production. Immediately you need to make a reservation that we are talking about the minimum market budgets and prices that are not regulated. Prices are regulated by the market, and cases where people, the team works for respect or for a portfolio are not considered.

How much is advertising videos for TV and YouTube?

What begins the video clip?

Even for the simplest video clip, you need a plan or, as the professionals call it, a script. Anyone can write the script, but the script writer will do it best.

  • Script costs from $ 100.

Such a budget can be justified if the script consists of a simple list of episodes. For example, not a complicated promotional video, in the furniture center is quite suitable for this amount. The plot will consist essentially of enumerating the merits of this place. He can also perform the services of a copywriter by writing the accompanying voice-over text for the announcer.

Who is responsible for everything?

To determine the scale of the task, make a plan, gather specialists and set tasks – we need responsible people. In the video clips, where everything is done “on my knees” the whole process may be limited to the director. But in advertising with the participation of a film crew of more than 5-10 people, a producer is needed. In other words, the director is responsible for the creative component, and the producer is responsible for the organization and administration. Even if the producer is absent from the project – this does not mean that no one does his work, most likely the director has assumed this burden. For a quality product, the absence of a producer is death, because the director, instead of creativity, is engaged in logistics or accounting.

  • The director is worth – from $ 200.
  • Producer costs – from $ 200.

At once it is necessary to make a reservation that the price of $ 200 is valid on day-long small projects. But for justice it is important to note that their work is not limited to one day. After all, the director and producer work not only on the shooting day, but also a lot earlier. They fully conduct all the preparatory work from the approval of the script and location to the selection of actors, and the preparation of technical estimates.

How much does a camera crew cost?

How much is advertising videos for TV or YouTube clips is difficult to have a conversation without an operator and his team. The operator group may include a different number of specialists, it all depends on the complexity of the project. Probably, only for video blogs, the operator can handle one. In more complex staged shots, gafer, illuminators, electricians, and technical engineers are needed.

  • The operator costs – from $ 100.
  • Gafer – from $ 100.
  • Illuminator, and others – from $ 50

For people who are not associated with the video advertising industry, it is often a revelation that the operator’s price tag does not include a camera and other equipment. Perhaps this is due to the experience of people working with reportage operators or photographers, where a specialist comes to the shooting with his technique. In the production genre, there is no such practice, several reasons are connected with it:

  • One movie camera of the lower level costs from $ 55,000. And this is even without lenses. From an economic point of view, buying such equipment is not justified. Expediency comes only in the case of daily use, which in itself is not realistic for one person / operator. Therefore, most often such equipment is purchased by special companies that do business in the rental of this equipment.
  • Even eminent and top operators do not purchase expensive equipment for personal use. This is most likely due to the fact that every year manufacturers produce updated versions, so that the old camera may become morally obsolete.
  • It’s not just the camera, but the whole list of accompanying equipment from lenses to charging units and monitors. Unlike reportage shots, a much wider range of equipment is used in production videos. This makes it difficult to have one for personal use. In addition, time and money require storage and maintenance, which once again confirms the feasibility of equipment for rent.

How much is advertising videos for TV and YouTube?

How much is the cast?

Actors of crowd scenes and the actors of the first plan – stand differently. The more professional, more experienced, more demanded an actor, the greater the price for his services.

Today we can talk about this starting price:

  • The actor of crowd scenes – from $ 30-50 / shift.
  • Actor of the first plan – from $ 100 / shift.

The budget may be different depending on the time of participation of the actor. You also need to know that if you want an actor to sign an agreement that he will not be filmed by competitors and similar video clips – it costs some money. And in this case, the price will fluctuate depending on the time of the prohibition of filming in such projects.

Additions, without which it is impossible

Buffet (catering) is necessary especially if you are shooting out of town. For example, in the field or in the forest there is no physical ability to have lunch, so the producer must provide food for the entire film crew.

  • Catering – from $ 15 / person.

This may sound ridiculous at first, but if the film crew shoots not in the pavilion, but outside the city, then a toilet is necessary. Especially if it is a team of 30 people or more, then going to the toilet in the bushes is not an option. Moreover, a toilet is necessary if you work with professionals who will have a point about banal comfort in their working conditions.

  • Toilet autonomous mobile – a budget of $ 300

Also to the necessary things you need to include a make-up machine and a wardrobe, which by the way can be one car.

  • Makeup room, dressing room – from $ 300
  • Generators, svetobaza – from $ 300

How much is postproduction?

And, of course, it’s impossible to say exactly how much advertising on YouTube costs without knowing what post-production is supposed to be in the video clip. Postproduction consists of many processes, the main ones are:

  • Directed by editing – from $ 150
  • Sound producer – from $ 100
  • Colorist – from $ 100
  • Designer – from $ 150
  • Motion designer – from $ 200
  • VFX specialist – from $ 1000
  • Supervisor – from $ 1000


A number of important professions such as a location manager and production designer remained unanswered. Perhaps for the production video of the plant there is no need for these specialists, but there are 100% production videos. This must be remembered when planning filming. Each production shooting is unique, so there is no single price list for all occasions. After all, one actor is being shot somewhere, and about ten. In one advertisement there may be one modest location, and in the other a lot. There are 8 hours of shooting, and sometimes 80 hours. One thing is for sure – a quality product cannot be cheap. Therefore, the question in style: how much does an advertisement for a video clip for YouTube or TV cost? Does not have an unequivocal answer and requires an individual miscalculation for the finished script.


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