Questions in style, how much does a video advertisement on TV cost – do not have one correct answer. Some producers call the figure $ 35,000 for the production of an advertising promotional video. And someone can call the figure of $ 2000. In fact, everything is individual, and also depends on what goals the brand has?

Сколько стоит видео реклама на тв

  1. Some companies want to share information about themselves without thinking about the quality of the content. It so happens that the marketer in the company has a plan – and he simply performs it for statistics.
  2. Other companies already want themselves not just a video clip, but that it “clings” to the viewer and is remembered. In the absence of a budget, you have to look for compromises.
  3. Third companies are clearly aware that they have to present information about their brand powerfully and beautifully. Therefore, they allocate solid budgets for this, not sparing funds.

Consider the ideal option in a vacuum

Budgets of $ 35,000, of course, are not taken from the ceiling, and a person who is not engaged in the production of advertising / clips / movies is difficult to understand how this figure appears. But here we will try to understand “on the fingers.” A very eloquent example, although not associated with advertising, but with film production. In the movie, it is customary to show captions at the end, and in advertising it is rather an exception. So the attentive viewer probably paid attention to the fact that the list of the team is not just great, it is huge. Therefore, budgets are not always small, because a large team of professionals working on a project for a long time cannot be cheap. Often the same people are involved in advertising and film production, so the professional approach is exactly the same, the only difference is in timekeeping. Cinema – long, advertising – short. Here is a comparison:

  • The film crew and specialists are the same as in the movies.
  • The actors are often the same high professionals as in the movies.
  • The decorations and locations are the same.
  • The shooting equipment is the same, only the top brands.
  • Make-up, catering – both in advertising and in movies no different.

So, in order to understand more precisely how much video advertising on TV costs, we suggest considering the following example. Thus, we can take the most averaged film today worth about $ 5,000,000. Divide it by 90 minutes and get about $ 55,555 per minute. And this is despite the fact that in the cinema all costs, due to the volume, are maximally optimized. And in the filming of the commercial does not always get it done. It often happens that the creators of commercials aim to keep the viewer’s attention in any way. Therefore, the number of locations, special effects in one unit of time – just rolls over. This in turn incurs high costs. So, if advertising is for production, the same movie, only shorter in time, then it turns out that the figures for its production are fully justified.

Is it possible to save on advertising and get a result?

Of course, even bad advertising works in one way or another, people will still remember the brand when they are shown multiple times. But it will take a lot of money. It is much more effective to make advertising that will be remembered from the first time and thus reduce the budget for rotation. If you exclude the cost of the creative itself and try to figure out whether it is worth saving on video production or not, then there are such arguments in favor of a more expensive option:

  1. Visual packaging is the first thing people will see. In our case, this is a “picture” in an advertising video clip. This includes the appearance of locations and scenery, actors, lighting, shooting equipment and expert ability to create from this a complete story. People are impressed by good design, high-quality picture, beautiful advertising worked out in trifles.
  2. People like bright and juicy colors, no one would buy ketchup with dirty and green tomatoes on the label.

Cases where a compromise can be found

We had a situation in the edpit agency when you need to find a way out and make it not expensive, but at the same time convey the main point. We even put it in a case that you can read here. In short, we were faced with the task of making a promotional video on TV, for a modest budget. About how much video advertising on TV – everyone knows (not cheap), so we went on an alternative path. We have proposed the idea to create a short animated video. Instead of holding on to the bellies of people (from poisoning), we created a lively and light musical commercial with a light narration. The following is an example of this commercial: