The most important thing for a promotional video clip is that you want to watch it. Yes, it’s not so simple, so we have put together several time-tested working options for you. Start with a little preparation. Decide for yourself what task you are facing? Do you need to create one small commercial for social networks, a one-time TV commercial or a long-term advertising campaign with a strategy? Prepare several sheets of paper, cardboard, stickers, felt-tip pens of different colors or markers. Working with a laptop is less efficient than working with your hands – it’s been checked more than once. Prepare the space, clean up the room, and ventilate the room in which you will work. It is also important to prepare yourself: drink a glass of water, warm up, sit down a couple of times.

Method 1: List 100

Your task is to come up with and write down on a piece of 100 ideas of advertising video clips. After the first 15 pieces, it will seem to you that all ideas have ended, but in reality this is not so. After 20-30, everything will only begin, here the most creative ideas appear. Write everything that comes to mind, even if you think something is completely nonsense – you will evaluate later, now you should not bother about it. You can also be inspired to take a different path, come up not with an idea for a commercial, but work with those related to advertising things. They may not be 100 pieces, but 15-25 for example, here are examples of topics:

  • Slogan. Come up with a tagline for the commercial and for the brand. It can be something very official or vice versa stupid.
  • People. Think about how people will use the advertised product? Non-standard creative solutions may appear.
  • Place. Sometimes for a commercial – the place where it is placed can play an important role. For example, YouTube has a “skip ads” button – you can come up with a creative idea how to beat it so that it becomes your chip.

Perhaps your characters will interact with this “button” or something else. It also happens that an advertising video clip will be shown on non-standard screens, for example, screens in the metro, long screens in shopping centers or in a movie theater before the movie. You can create an idea just for this platform not only in the form / format of the video, but also in essence. For example, before showing a movie, the hero in your advertisement will joke about dating in the movies.

Method 2: Associations Map – mind map

The feature of this method is that you come up with associations to a word, it can be any words, not necessarily nouns. Choose the amount yourself, but at least 5 words. For example, if you are creating an advertising video for a car, then these may be such association words: Travel; Work; Convenient; Speed; Parking; Further, for each word, you also come up with your own associations , for example, to the word “Travel”: Family; Joy; Sea; Summer; Little life; Adventure; If it is still written, you can safely paint everything until ideas are over. If necessary, you can repeat. So we have a tree.

Как придумать идею для рекламного видео ролика

Now you need to take ideas from distant “branches” and connect them with our car: Car and sea. This may be an idea related to a beach holiday or romance by the sea. In case the car is youthful, then you can delve into this direction. Car and adventure. For a family car, you can think of a video clip where the father of the family takes his family to rest, and they fall into an interesting maelstrom of events. A car and a small life. Maybe not a little one! If a car brand has traditions, then a commercial can be done about a young guy who is given a car. He is growing up, maturity, old age and he is already becoming a decrepit old man, but still with the same car. And the thought: times are changing, but our car remains … You can connect any branches with any, two or three words at a time, the main thing is not to think what happens – you will think later, the main thing to do.

Method 3: Brainstorm

How to come up with an idea for a promotional video without brainstorming? No way. How does a brainstorming of several people go, everyone knows. A company of people comes up with ideas, and someone writes them on paper or glues stickers on a board. Here I would like to describe how to conduct a brainstorming session for one person, especially since some books write about the best results of such practices. Role-playing brainstorming. You have an idea and you imagine a collection of different people with different social statuses: grandmother, girl top model, boy 6 years old and plumber 55 years old. For each of these people, you virtually ask a question, for example, what will grandma do if she is taken in a car with a breeze? What will the boy say if he finds out that this car is now his? Their answers will help you find interesting ideas and thoughts that you can apply. Search through pictures. You go to Google pictures or photo stock and drive your word into the search bar, for example, a car. It is better to be limited to 1-2 words. For example, you might get this result:

Как придумать идею для рекламного видео ролика

Immediately we can write down ideas: A “wrong” picture can be developed into an idea where the viewer will be shown in a humorous form how to drive a car. Here there may be ideas about the fact that you can’t leave trash in the doors, wash more often, prohibit smoking in the cabin – create an image of a caring man who prohibits doing anything bad even to the boss or his family. Glowing icons on the panel. You can come up with non-existent badges that react differently to different driving styles. For example, an emoticon that gets angry if the driver drives a speed bump at a speed. Look for different queries, do not forget to drive the same queries into the search, but in foreign languages!

Method 4: Connecting the Miscellaneous

The idea is to take any topic that you like: art, music, sports, tourism, food. And then come up with 13-25 words on the chosen topic. Then take the advertised product, in our case, “car” and connect. For example, we chose the theme “music” with its words and this is what it turns out: Double bass + car. Advertising can happen if your car has a large family car with a good trunk. You can make a fun comparison of tool sizes. For example, a neighbor can only put himself a violin in the trunk, and our hero – a big double bass. Rock band + car. You can develop these words into the idea of ​​soundproofing the cabin. For example, our car is right next to the concert stage, musicians are playing loudly, and there is complete silence in the cabin. This is certainly the first thing that comes to mind, for sure the 30th idea would be very cool! Another other idea. Write two columns with different words. Take in arbitrary form a word from each and try to apply them in your advertising. You will be surprised by the fantastic result!

Evaluation of ideas

Now you analyze everything that happened. Select the 6-12 most successful ideas in your opinion and analyze them according to the following list: Can these ideas be scaled, transferred to all communications, or just limited to one commercial? Calculate the possible budgets for the production of an advertising video? Some of the most expensive ideas can be screened out. Show ideas to other people and ask them to be ranked. Here you have learned how to come up with an idea for an advertising video clip. If your best idea is not affordable, but you believe in it, then try to get out of the situation and come up with a way to implement it, maybe this is a future masterpiece!