How to create a personal brand or company?

How to create a personal brand or company?

What is a vlog (vlog)?

Vlog is a video blog (from the English Video blog), in which the author shares his thoughts, observations, shows his work or life. Video blogs, which are created by companies – are usually directed to direct sales. The taxes issued by individuals earn on advertising by placing it in their releases. There are many video hosting sites, but the most popular is YouTube.

Application of video blogs for business:

  1. For direct sales. More than 40% of people, before shopping watch a video about the future purchase. The company constantly produces a series of products or services. Basically, modern taxes are reduced to creating reviews for your customers for viewers (customers). Comparison, advantages and even drawbacks help the potential buyer to choose and buy.
  2. Expert issues. Vlogs are issued by the company itself or special issues are ordered from third-party bloggers. Here, an element of native advertising is connected, which allows you to make releases more versatile. Usually the facilitator acts as an expert or interviews an expert in the required field. The viewer gets more interesting content, without direct sale. The industry, product, service and so on are considered in detail. In the course of release there may be advertising inserts or appeals. Especially useful for attracting the audience can be joint releases with similar blogs, but the most important is the quality of the content.
  3. Paid advertising with video bloggers. Well, when a blogger is an expert in your field or at least close to your product. Here the most important thing is that the viewers of the blogger – coincide with your target audience. Do not expect great success in selling your premium car brand, if you are advertising from a 16-year-old streamer teenager.

What do you need to create a tax for the company?

There are no super-tips that you will get 100% success, but there are principles that will help bring you closer to the goal. In any case, you will make mistakes, but the further, the less. Let’s look at the tips for creating a video blog:

  • To begin with, just start, but do not say.
  • The subject of the tax. Decide who will you be shooting your videos for? To check and test is better only in the beginning, then it will be already difficult to change subjects. Otherwise, you will leave an audience that has fallen in love with you for past merits.
  • Regularity. The viewer will not subscribe to you if your content is published every six months. To build your army of fans you need to establish the consistency of releases.
  • Quality of content. To make the audience interesting it is necessary to prepare, think through and enthrall the audience. Even a popular guest – without your preparation for the interview, will not be able to open up and the video will be boring.
  • Quality of production. To create a cool video blog about the company, you need to invest in the technical component. In other words, the quality of the “picture” in the tax should be kept at a level if you plan to capture a huge audience. There are exceptions in YouTube, but there everything is compensated by charisma and professionalism. Cameras, lenses, stabilization systems, sound, light, installation, graphics, preparation, administration – all this requires time and money.

How to start now?

Despite the fact that our company Edpit agency launched no video blog for the company, strangely enough, but we were in the role of shoemaker without boots. More recently, we have begun to issue carefully a series of vlogs, in essence, showing from the inside the processes of creating our advertising video clips. We thought that such a topic might be of interest to our customers and colleagues from the industry. We offer a minimal set of tools that will be useful for your video blog. Our option implies a lot of work, lack of free time, simple and affordable production:

  1. Theme of the issue. We have this musical and sound accompaniment in commercials.
  2. Location. In our case, this is the location on the issue topic – the recording studio.
  3. Equipment. Action camera, a microphone in the studio on which the main sound was recorded.
  4. Expert. Composer Pavel, who tells the merits and demerits of different decisions on music.
  5. Postproduction. We created a video blog for the company with simple tools, literally on the knees. The simplest installation, interruptions, musical inserts.

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