How to create the worst commercial in history?

How to create the worst commercial in history?

Be like everyone else

Why stand out if you can laugh? Why invent a bicycle, because for a long time everything has been invented for us. It is better to stay in the shade, go quietly – you will continue. Add in your ads such words as “We”. Let the person spend time to find out who are “WE”. Rummage on the Internet, there will be an occasion to learn about your company for more. “We are a company that guarantees quality” – the perfect phrase for voiceover in the commercial. The viewer will hear familiar words and 100% will peck at your message.

Explain that there are no people, there are consumers

What people? What are the individualities? Are you laughing? There is a herd of consumers and they have one need to buy your product or merchandise of competitors. Your task is to face the buyer and vtyuht quickly your product or service. This abstruse marketers came up with the idea that you should think first and foremost about people, about what you can give them. Talk about some emotional connection with your brand and so on. We know something with you that it’s best to tell about your company, about when you were founded, about production facilities – that’s what will cause salivation from the consumer and make him buy.

Target at once in all people from 6 to 100 years old

Thus, you will get more coverage, each viewer will find something of his own in your advertising. Both grandmothers and their grandchildren will be able to consider in your advertisement, something really important for them, the main thing is to believe in it. The wider the audience of the commercial video, the more money you can earn later, but this is not certain.

Use old proven moves

First, use old proven expressions such as reliability, quality, profit, and so on. Secondly, if you are doing a family product, then remember, there must always be a family of father, mother, boy, girl and dog. Thirdly, always whenever possible use the scheme, where the child runs up to his mother and asks: Mom, Mom, and why this kefir (the right paste) is so tasty? This is a universal scheme, let’s see how it works:

  • Mom, Mom, why is this chocolate so sweet?
  • Mom, Mom, why are these muesli so useful?
  • Papa, Dad, why is this residential complex so reliable?
  • Papa, Dad, why is this ketchup so sweetly sweet?

The gender of the child and the parent may vary depending on the type of product. At the end of the video clip – the family must hug and laugh.

Sterility – first of all

You do not want your brand to be associated with something bad. All locations where video clips are made must be licked and sterile. So what, that in life this does not happen, it’s advertising. Let Nike and others show how it really is, they have it in America. We will have only ideal people, locations and situations. We do not want to be disgraced, because such money is invested!

Keep the “advertising language”

So it was led historically, so do not break the tradition, just do it. Do not you dare turn to the common language of people. Yes, everyone knows that in life there will never be such a dialogue:

– What to do? Now my shirt is spotted with ketchup and mayonnaise !?

– Do not worry, because there is salvation! Washing powder “Freshness of the Sea”. Time! And the stains are finished!

Use these proven advertising words for years: innovation, quality assurance, success and so on.

More adjectives about your company and product

Since you are already spending money on advertising, you need to properly strike at all adjectives that you or your marketer know. After all, you then know what you love your company for, let others know now. For example, if you sell housing, then your options may be:

Super apartments, cheap prices, quality materials, reliable developer, reliability guarantee, etc.

Creative? You can be laughed at

Everyone knows that even a watermelon, if shown daily on TV, will be a national hero in a year. In this case, the main thing is to beat the viewer with the number of video clips. Create a creative, or something to invent there is a big risk, after all, partners can laugh at you. It is best to do as in the 90s: showed the goods, listed the qualities, said where to buy it and the end. Especially if you are a marketer who takes responsibility for the success of an advertising company, then it’s better to do everything in the old-fashioned way. At least for this is not fired from work and you can save the workplace.


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