What we have?

Here we will describe the commercial workflow, which will give more understanding about how to make a commercial?

The first thing to start with is to get a full-fledged task from the client. It must be supplied by the customer, or the customer’s marketer. Thus, we get a clear, quite specific task. Why is it important? Because each product or service has its own specifics, its target audience and media platforms where our future commercial will be broadcast.

We do a strategic session, before the creative

At the beginning, it should be clarified in detail what the client’s brand is, what kind of audience does it have? The result of the session should be an understanding of the brand archetype, its positioning, as well as the most detailed portrait of a particular user. Below is a list of archetypes, but in more detail about each you can easily find more information on the Internet.

How to make a promotional video?

The more detailed questionnaire we have about our buyer, the better the creative can turn out, because in this case we will not guess, but write for a very specific person. Experts from all over the world recommend creating a full-fledged profile for “your person”, where there will be a lot of detailed information. So for example, you can start with a fictitious name and a photo from Google, and end with a music playlist and the most exotic preferences. At the same time, there cannot be much information, the more voluminous a person turns out, the better. You don’t have to worry about profiling a very specific person.

This tactic, on the contrary, is many times more effective than if you try to create a video to please everyone at once. Even director Spielberg makes his films for one person, the viewer, while millions watch him.

Creation of creative ideas

We usually search for all similar themes with the main theme. For example, if we were doing an advertisement for a car, then we would study all the “neighboring” topics and associations. Namely: where can you go by car, what else do we associate a car with, what does it remind you of, and so on? Having sketched a lot of associations, we will get a creative field that will help us construct plots. And by carefully studying our audience (see paragraph above), we can find useful insights in our topic.

For example, after doing research for advertising air conditioners, we can find the insight that many men in the hot season – walk around the house in shorts. Please note that the insight is always a little spicy, it is not customary to talk about this out loud, but the viewer will always recognize himself and smile. The ideal task of insight is to have the viewer say “how did they guess, how did they know about it?” etc.


Probably no one has yet figured out how to make a commercial without a script? Therefore, the script is the document by which it is clear how the future commercial will look like.

The strategy session and the creative give us the foundation to start writing the script. By now, you should usually have a lot of notes, drafts of ideas, and other material. In fact, with such preparation, writing is quite easy. All studies and analyzes have been done and, as a rule, it remains to draw up only what was planned. There are global standards for writing scripts, in a certain format, font, and so on. But we at edpit agency understand that it is often difficult for a client who has nothing to do with the film industry or advertising to read such scripts. Therefore, for clients, we create a more simplified version of the text design, namely 2 columns of the table: the announcer’s text + actions in the frame.

Preparing for filming and filming

There is nothing more important than preparation. On the good side, on the set there is a very pleasant job without stress, if everything is organized and agreed upon at the preparation stage.

Preparation can include the following:

  • Determination of filming dates.
  • Team selection.
  • Search for locations, casting actors.
  • Selection of equipment, creation and search of props.
  • Organization of logistics, catering, financial issues.


Post-production is the final stage of work on your commercial. This includes the following types of activities:

  1. Installation, color correction.
  2. Graphics, animation.
  3. Any work with sound or music.
  4. Selection and recording of the announcer.


Here we briefly tried to talk about how to make a commercial? Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to order a video or consult, then contact us using the contacts on this site. We will gladly answer all your questions.