How to make a promotional video

How to make a promotional video

Do any business sooner or later have a question how to make a promotional video correctly? By the word “remove” we will mean the whole process of video production from the script to the installation and overlay of sound.


Top brands know that before the promo script appears, there must be several more steps, namely:

  • Strategic session. Allows you to work out in detail the target audience, the archetype of the brand.
  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Research audience.
  • The creative part (the video clip script itself and other additional products).


How to make a promotional video

Scripting tips

  1. The advertising promo script is a short film, only shorter. Therefore, all actions to capture the attention of the audience should occur from the first second.
  2. All scenes without which the essence does not change – you need to mercilessly delete.
  3. Remember that the viewer now wants to see something more interesting than advertising, so it is impermissible to create a boring advertisement.

Stage of preparation of promotional video

The backbone of the film crews is defined: the director and the operator select specialists from the gafer to the art director for the task. built specifically for the project, this is usually done by the director, the operator, who is helped by the location manager in everything.

The casting of the actors is organized, which is organized by the producer and the casting director. In general, the customer can deal with the process in all processes, but in the last two it is especially important.

If the customer side does not participate in the approval process of locations and actors, then these points remain the responsibility of the director.

Additional aspects in preparation

Depending on the complexity of the advertising project, there can be a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Creation of a requisite – artist director;
  • Creation, selection of costumes – costume designer;
  • Writing music and text, if this is a musical advertisement – composer;
  • Working through future computer graphics – supervisor, specialist according to the schedule.
  • Selection of a special requisite – prop.

This is just a small list of tasks that may arise during the creation of a promotional video, usually it is always individually.

Planning the shooting process

One of the answers to the question “How to make a promotional video correctly” can be great planning. It is very important to organize the work of all the participants and workshops correctly, so that the tasks are not only completed correctly, but also completed on time. This is very important not only for compliance with the formalities, but also because the shooting day is very expensive. Therefore, if a department has not completed its task on time or has completed it incorrectly, then the entire filming process is threatened. Among the most important aspects, there may be the following:

  • Booking the dates of the film crew, actors, location, pavilion. Signing contracts.
  • Providing everything necessary for filming: equipment, props, power supply, conditions for make-up, feeding, logistics.
  • Forecasting: weather, filming time, possible processing (over 12 hours), official permits for filming.

Shooting day

There is no similar shooting, but you can select the most important technical aspects for different conditions.

  • Shooting in the studio and the pavilion.
  • In addition to prior authorization and booking – you’d better know if there is a 380V connection on site.
  • Usually this is necessary when connecting a powerful professional lighting, the camera crew should be worried about this.

Shooting in the interior (flat). Most often there is a need to put the lighting outside the windows, so the first floors are more preferable (1-2 floor). Anything higher may require expensive cranes. Shooting in nature. In 99% of cases it happens with the help of electric generators.

On the issues of other conditions, the following can be identified:

  • A place for the make-up of actors;
  • A place for eating a team, especially if the shooting is in nature.

Stage of mounting promo video

Under the installation can be understood a wider type of activity, namely the entire cycle of post-production. It is important to plan and organize the following works:

  • Installation; Color Correction;
  • Cleaning the sound recorded during video, mastering, mixing;
  • Recording the voice of actors and narrator;
  • dubbing;
  • Creating or buying music;
  • Creating sound design and intershumov;
  • 2D, 3D graphics and motion design;
  • Creation of titles, subtitles;
  • Creation of peschot at the end of the video;


How to make a promo video correctly is a very broad question and there is no simple answer to it, because there are no identical tasks. Any commercial begins with the script, because it is half the success. The more detailed you work through each task of creating a promotional video, the better the result will be.



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