How to order an advert

How to order an advert

In this article, we offer you to familiarize yourself with all the steps in creating a video and to figure out how to correctly order an advertisement and get the best result.

Step 1. Fill in the brief or make a technical statement.

In order to properly start the preparation, you need to have a true idea of ​​the future task. Thus, the customer and the executor have insurance from problems in mutual understanding. The more accurately the task will be set, the better you will get the result. As the practice of creating promotional video shows, there are no trifles.

How to order an advert

Step 2. Spend a strategic session if you have not had it yet.

It looks like a session from a psychotherapist, but instead of a patient, a brand. Usually, the session involves two parties, the customer and the agency. This event will help you determine your audience and how your brand should look and feel in the video. Strategic session, after the performance should give an understanding on the following questions:

  • Who is our audience? Usually, everything is reduced to one particular person, for example, Alexander, 42 years old, married, has two children, by profession manager.
  • Skills, hobbies, favorite music and much more of our “Alexander”. The more detail, the better. The brand’s archetype.
  • As it looks, sounds and even what the smell is our brend.
  • Usually, this information takes up several sheets of paper in its entirety, so we get exhaustive knowledge of what our “man” loves / hates and what our brand is about, as it says, how it’s fun, what it looks like.

Step 3. Creating a creativity, concept and script.

In our company, the edpit agency is not the standard of how we design our clients for our creative offerings. Somebody will call it flexibility and innovation, someone is not a system and a loophole, but over time we came to the fact that different brands need different. Some companies like the accuracy and compliance with all formalities, others want maximum ease of communication so that creativity “does not drown” in bureaucratic documents. Third clients put the task and ask to show the finished result at the very end. Depending on the tasks, we usually provide the following materials to our clients:

  • Text outlines of ideas and concepts, sometimes backed by examples.
  • Examples are not exact in nature, but usually show the mood or flow to the client, which facilitates perception. A storyboard or story board. This is a laconic way to convey the essence of the story with the help of pictures.
  • A board or mood board. Now on the Internet you can find any picture or video on any request, so you can find pictures or video episodes that are suitable for your story and collect a slide show or a series of videos from them. Of course, this will not be a 100% retelling of your idea, but the essence and mood of any visitor will understand exactly.
  • The shell script is designed in the form of text. Sometimes such a plot is supplemented by pictures from the Internet or links to video clips.

How to order an advert

Step 4. Preproduction, preparation for an advertising video.

Of course, the story of how to order an advert will not be complete, if you do not pay attention to the preparatory moments. And although you personally will not do this, then at least tracking the stages will be reasonable. When the script and idea are approved – it’s only 50% of the result, now the most important thing is to properly implement it. Dozens of little things can affect the success of the future video, the main ones are:

  1. Camera crew, producer, director, operator;
  2. Selection of actors;
  3. Selection of locations and scenario building;
  4. Proper planning of all processes;

In animation commercials, usually this stage is to create layouts, character processing, textures, scenes, and color palettes.

Step 5. Day of shooting a commercial.

For a client’s budget it will be cheaper if the shooting day is one, but there are occasions, when you need to do a great deal the amount of work, or shooting is required in different locations – which leads to an elongation of the shootings. Each filming day is an extra money, because it is necessary to pay not only fees for shooters, but also rent / delivery of equipment, logistics, rental of locations and other expenses.

Step 6. Postproduction.

Work with the finished material. It seems that the footage can be spoiled, but you can, on the contrary, make a “masterpiece” from it. Therefore, the experience and skills of the team influence the percentage by 40%, on the final form of the advertising video. The more team experience, the more likely it is to create from captured frames – interesting content that people will look at. Of the most important factors that influence the success of the video, you can highlight the following: music, speaker, installation, dynamics, color and graphics.


Before you order an advert – learn the team’s portfolio. to which you are referring. Not enough for the contractor to have technical skills, much more important is mutual understanding and “one wave” with you.


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