How to write a commercial script? Download the example.

How to write a commercial script? Download the example.

We hope that after this article you will not have any questions about how to design an advertising video script. This text is written solely from the personal practice of Edpit agency and therefore is not academic knowledge and certainly does not pretend to standards in the industry. This material is created for convenient work of customers and script writers. From our experience, we realized that scripts written on film standards – are poorly perceived by customers, because of the rules of design.

What parts does the script for the video clip consist of?

What we offer you is a mixture of the script with the staffing visualization. This approach allows you to save time for painting scenes exactly the same, but at the same time gives an illustrative example. Our version consists of three simple columns, designed in a text editor. So let’s see how to design an advertising clip:

  1. Actions in the frame. This column describes everything that happens on the screen, the size of the operator’s plan and any comments.
  2. Voice of the announcer behind the scenes, or sound design. It is prescribed if the speaker’s intonation is needed, the voice is male / female, we describe sounds, music, interludes and sound design elements.
  3. Illustrations. In our practice, we use any more or less suitable pictures from the Internet.
    An example of the design of a commercial:

Download sample script here.
An example of a video clip that we shot in the end:

Tips for writing a script for advertising

It is naive to believe that your client has the time to read your essays, so try to write briefly and on the case. Your task is to interest your idea, so the main thing is to convey the essence. In professional scenarios it is forbidden to write about the size of the camera plans, what the person feels in the frame – this is determined by the director. Although we are not describing a movie scenario here, it is still better to write such details in extreme cases, but mostly to avoid.

Before you start writing

  1. Before you write a script, you need to know all the information about the advertised brand, which positioning, who are the competitors, how your brand communicates with the audience, what jokes can afford, etc.
  2. The second stage is the study of the audience, we recommend that you narrow down the entire audience to the 1st person and apply to him. Addressing all at once, you will not reach anyone. Learn “your man”, as his name, that he looks in the evenings, what his habits, hobbies, etc.
  3. What problem do you solve? With whom are you fighting? What are you fighting for? In the above example, we fought with the old type of houses, where a person does not have the ability to control the heat in the apartment. Find “your enemy” and win, it may even be such things as “boredom” or “bad mood”.

Instead of output: life hacking

Above, one of the most accessible ways to create an advertising clip script was described, but if you are proficient in working with video editors, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the most effective presentation (per perception) of your script. It’s about drafting a draft of the pieces of other video clips and footage, read more here. Such slicing as much as possible convey the atmosphere of the future commercial video.


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