A task

Here is an Intertelecom case, namely 2D animation. We were approached by a customer, Intertelecom, to create an animated video for their service: IP Phone.

Animation style – 2d, duration – about a minute, plus a short version. The task is to show all the pluses and merits of the service.

Start of the task implementation

First of all, we started with a brief and determined the style of the video, mood, key points, target audience, and so on. When all the data was in front of us, we began to work out creative ideas and write the script. Almost immediately, we offered the client to submit all the information in poetic form, especially since we have outstanding masters of this direction working in our staff and remotely.

Thus, step by step, we worked through each scene. At first we wrote abstracts – that is, what will the scene be about, what will be the message? And only then we painted what exactly the viewer would see in front of him.

Layouts of the future video

Кейс интертелеком - 2д анимация

Our case for Intertelecom is a story about creating how 2D animation is done. The foundation of any animation is layouts, it is in them that the whole essence of the future video is laid. When the script was approved, and our scripts cannot but be liked, we started working on visual solutions. This process looked like this:

  • Defines the general style of the video clip.
  • Selection of the main character (the client chose from several options)
  • Creation of each scene according to the general mood of the video, as well as the semantic content of a particular scene.

Animation creation

After the client made several changes to the layouts, we launched several creative processes at once.

  • Selection and recording of the announcer in the recording studio.
  • Search for a suitable musical composition.
  • Animation according to approved layouts. This is the process of bringing the whole video to life.


Before you was an Intertelecom case, 2D animation. If you want to order a similar video, or any other, even a video shooting, then please contact us in the contacts section on this site. We would love to make a promotional video for you!