Determine your capabilities, allocate the budget

The algorithm for creating a video for a kickstarter is quite complicated if you approach it professionally. But at the same time, if you plan everything properly and attract good specialists at least in several positions, you will get a completely understandable plan of action. At the very beginning, it is important to evaluate your own strengths. Even starting with a script, it is already important to understand that you can afford to hire good creatives, screenwriters, or you will have to do everything yourself, because there is no budget for this. In any case, it is important to conduct a little price monitoring before starting. The main focus is on the price and quality of the videos. Quality in our case is what the video series looks like, is it capable of selling your product?

What is the budget for creating a kickstarter video at edpit agency?

At the beginning of 2023, in our company, such videos can be made on a turnkey basis for $ 2,500 and more.
The most expensive part of the video is this shooting:

  • Team.
  • Actors.
  • Location.
  • Technique.
  • Lighting and logistics.

In addition to the script, these are perhaps the most important points of any video clip. This is where most of the budget goes. In our team, each of these items, including the script and post-production, is handled by individual specialists who guarantee the result. It may not be the cheapest price for a small startup, but we definitely do everything cool. Your task is to get the right emotion from the viewer, and we know how to do it. Trust, wow effect, desire to buy and much more, these are all things that we are diligently working on at edpit agency.
The algorithm for creating a video for a kickstarter consists of 75% of these key points, which take up most of the time and budget of a video clip. But don’t forget that if you get stuck on a script, it can easily go from 10% of your video to 60%. And the same can be said about installation. Thus, for predictability, it is best

Define who you are as a brand and who are your people?

This is the very famous strategic session, it is important to know little about it and still be able to use it. The session helps to get ahead of the brand archetype, in other words, who is your brand if you think of it as a person? A caring mother or a friend, or maybe a serious expert who knows exactly what is best? And so on, it will help you understand how your brand appeals to the viewer, how it jokes, what kind of intonation the brand has, and so on. Well, the second step is to study your audience and draw up a complete and accurate portrait/dossier of your buyer. We at edpit agency love to do this kind of research and are happy to do it for our clients, consulting and consulting with the client at the same time.

Break everything into small tasks and do everything to the maximum.

The algorithm for creating a video for a kickstarter – consists of many small tasks that you face, if you do everything yourself, then you should divide all the tasks into blocks, where at the beginning there will be the most urgent and important tasks, and then all the rest, and so on by degree importance down.
Roughly speaking – there is a shooting day and there is a certain work before and after it. So we get three blocks:

  • Everything we do before filming, including preparation (this is 80% of the work).
  • Shooting day. It is also important to be ready for it, this includes both the recruitment of a team and the reservation of locations.
  • Post-production. When the material is filmed, it is important to convey it to the viewer without losing the main idea.


The Kickstarter Video Creation Algorithm is your guide to this unknown world full of surprises. He has been helping us to cope with the most difficult tasks for many years. You can use it to create your videos or just contact us! This site has a “contacts” tab where you can find mail, phone or other social networks.