Today we will discuss a very useful and relevant topic, namely the creation of a video for tiktok. This network is becoming more popular every day, and millions of views fascinate everyone.

Any schoolchild, blogger and, of course, business wants to be there and get their fame from tik-tok. If Instagram is still really filled with photos and texts, then tik-tok is already a step forward. Video only, hard core only! And then the lazy marketer begins to wriggle as if in a frying pan. Time passes, everyone forgot about Pokemon, the same happens with social networks.

All we can do is keep up with the times. If your audience is tick-tock, then you simply have to be there!

How do I create a Tik Tok video?

The first thing to think about is the audience for which you want to do this? Let’s just say, if you want to attract a certain audience, then you need to study what it lives on? This will help you look as relevant as possible. There is a risk of looking funny, like an old grandfather in a rapper costume, but here you need to consult and test everything for target audience.

Script in video for tik tok

Creating a video for tiktok is not complete without a script. Even if the video is shot by a schoolboy, the script is still in his head. But we will discuss a professional approach. Before you shoot something, you need to write it. Then rewrite. Then improve. Show to someone and rewrite again. In tick-tock, it is important to attract attention from the first seconds, otherwise you will simply be switched. Think about how you can act out the situation so that the viewer gets carried away and watches you to the end.

Basic rules for writing a tik-tok script

  1. From the first seconds, captivate the viewer.
  2. Show the story as clearly and clearly as possible.
  3. Add humor from the first seconds.
  4. Track what part of your story the person may get bored and rewrite it.

Video options for tik tok

Of course, there are more of them, but here is our list of types of videos, from which there are already ramifications:

We at edpit agency make all types of videos, so we can responsibly say that each type of video is suitable for its tasks. If you have a business in which it is difficult to show the essence of the process live, for example, cryptocurrencies, then it is certainly better to do animation. Although not 100% fact. But if you have a beautiful restaurant, bar, gym, then of course it is better to shoot inside the institution.

Interaction with famous bloggers

The main advice here is not to try to impose unnatural behavior on the blogger. Everyone loses from this:

  • The blogger feels uncomfortable that he needs to be “someone else” in order to fit into your brand style.
  • The viewers of the blog will feel the catch that their idol is broadcasting something not peculiar to himself and as a result, they naturally will not love you for it.
  • You will end up with a blogger not at ease, who usually releases videos about dancing (for example), and now he needs to advertise square meters in a residential complex.
  • Of course, getting into the audience is also out of the question.


Making a tiktok video is a very simple process. However, to get big numbers and reach, you should take the time to research this social network. The main thing that you should give the viewer is interest in yourself, otherwise you will simply be missed in your feed as thousands of others.