Here we want to present our case of creating a series of promotional videos for Multi Oil. Here we will describe in detail all the details of creation from idea and script to implementation. We will also show the examples themselves, which turned out as a result.

Multi Oil / Мульти Ойл, кейс создания рекламных роликов


Our client, Multi Oil, asked us to make 3 commercials for him, 15 seconds each. All videos should captivate the viewer, be humorous and look at one go. The main platform for showing videos is social networks and sites with movies and TV shows.


We started working on the creative with the wishes of the customer. The customer brought some of his thoughts, slogans and so on. Our team took note of the information from the client and started from scratch creating concepts and ideas. The result was the following stage of sequential actions and works:

  • Creation of the first stage of creativity.
  • Discussion with clients of key areas that need to be developed further.
  • The second line of creative work – here we have already improved the ideas, taking into account the specific wishes of the customers.
  • Negotiations with the client, discussion.
  • The final stage is the creation of a final script for the commercial in the amount of 3 pieces.

It should be noted that thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we created the creative in such a way as not to go beyond the specified budget. This kept our client calm.

Multi Oil / Мульти Ойл, кейс создания рекламных роликов 002


As a result of the approved scenarios, we began to work on the selection of all the necessary positions for shooting, with the best implementation. So, our experienced team worked in the following areas:

  • Location search. The first stage is online selection by photo, then a trip to the location and development.
  • Actor selection.
  • Trying on costumes for the hero.
  • Creation of unique props for our tasks.
  • Payment of studio rent, booking of equipment, specialists.
  • Selection of make-up artist for specific tasks.
  • Coordination of all points with the customer.

Multi Oil / Мульти Ойл, кейс создания рекламных роликов 003


The shooting was easy and relaxed, because the whole team agreed on everything in advance and worked out the smallest details. Working in such an environment is a real pleasure, because specialists are not engaged in solving problems or downtime, but in creativity.


The work on the footage consisted of the following key blocks:

  • Video editing.
  • Selection of musical compositions and sauna design.
  • Speaker voice selection and recording.
  • Sound processing (improvement).
  • Video color correction.
  • Creation of an animation packshot.


Before you was a case of creating commercials for Multi Oil. We will be glad to cooperate and are ready to advise you on any issue. Write or call, all the information in the contact section of our website.