Professional video

Professional video

How is professional video shooting different from amateur? For what the customer pays the money and with what the considerable sums are connected – we will tell in detail in this article.

Today, anyone can buy a camera in their own pocket and shoot promotional videos. However, with the advent of affordable technology in the world – the number of masterpieces is not particularly increased. And this means that for a cool product it is not enough to have expensive equipment, you need an integrated professional approach. Certainly, expensive cameras have better technical characteristics, but this is just a small part for achieving professional results.

Professional video


A professional approach involves the elaboration of strategy and creativity, the only way to talk about a predictable result. Initially, there is a task that needs to be solved by the customer, and only then a solution is created and proposed. In our edpit agency, we propose to hold a strategic session with the client, to determine the essence of the brand and our audience. It usually takes from a few hours to a whole day. Only after this begins the process of creating a script for a specific task, taking into account all the data on the brand and the target audience.


The approved script is passed to the storyboard. In other words, images for the future video are created from the text description. It happens that only clear storyboards are created for clear and simple visual images, they are simplified pictures with no artistic value. Such pictures help to find a common language with both the customer and the film crew, because the same idea can be presented in different ways.


Pre-production is a preparatory period before professional video shooting. This stage is extremely important, because the result will depend on the quality of preparation, by about 90%. No matter how professional the team is, but if there is no pre-prepared plan, improvisation will lead to chaos and disruption of the shooting.

If your production is going to shoot for you without preparation, then you are working with amateurs. An exception may be a very simple shooting, an interview in front of the camera or a reportage review, but even in this case, you should at least arrive at the location in advance and look around. Professional video shooting involves a detailed study of 100% aspects, amateur – allows for the construction of the workflow on the go. But when dozens of people are involved in the project, this can turn into a disruption of the process and losses.

Production – filming process

Production is a shooting process, the production of video content on the set or in another location. In the professional shooting process, each specialist is responsible strictly for his scope of work. For example, an engineer – sets up the camera, the cameraman deals with the frame. If the engineer was absent, the operator would have to spend time and effort on technical work, instead of creative work on the scene. This also applies to all other aspects. This approach allows you to work in a concentrated way and get 100% result. Even a seemingly banal moment like lunch can be a problem if food is not on the court and the group wanders in search of a cafe. This can be especially problematic if the shooting is far from the city.


Professional video shooting is characterized by the fact that the footage has a “raw” look that is not enough to just cut. Such a “raw” material allows flexible work with him in terms of color correction. Thus, it is possible to endow the video with such a palette, which is best suited for the idea of ​​the director. You probably noticed that family comedies do in positive and bright colors, and thrillers – on the contrary, gloomy and restrained.

Postproduction is the work with the footage. This step may include the following items:

  • Video editing;
  • Sound installation;
  • Dubbing, dubbing;
  • Sound design and creation of Intersum;
  • Motion design, infographics, 2d graphics;
  • VFX and 3D graphics;
  • Color correction.

Not all video clips require this list as everything depends on the tasks.


Professional video shooting differs from amateur first of all in a predictable result. When the success of a brand or company is at stake, every detail must be done with maximum effect. Yes, professional photography is more expensive, because more specialists are involved, but the amount is forgotten, but the result remains.


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