Remove a video about the company – 5 errors

Remove a video about the company – 5 errors

Too long a movie

With the development of the Internet, you no longer need to take care that your video is strictly 15 or 30 seconds long, and many try to make a video about the company longer. Firstly, the viewer has lessons more interesting than watching your long movie with details of service or production. It will be more convenient for a person, if you formulate it in short form, then why are you the best. Modern people are used to watching clip-art content. Therefore, if your advertising begins a long time and in the first 5 seconds you do not hook the viewer, then alas he will switch.

From this it is better to refuse:

  • Long introductions
  • Details about the company, which the viewer still does not remember
  • Rollers more than two minutes

Do you think that you are interesting to someone?

Wake up! The viewer is perfectly seated in his Facebook and YouTube, he is well and comfortable there. If you climbed into his territory with your video clip, then please, make it interesting. Tell us about your brand is fascinating. We at Edpit agency always question our scenarios “will the viewer look to the end?”, “Will he want to switch at the eighth second?”.

Tips before you want to make a video about the company:

  1. Think about what your product might be associated with? Build the idea of ​​a video clip on this.
  2. Tell a fascinating story, people love them.
  3. Entertain the viewer. Remember that he watches your advertisement during a break between “Top 5 jumps from a springboard” and “A selection of funny videos with raccoons”.

You make a video about the company very carefully

There are two reactions to promotional video clips:

First reaction:

“Fu! Again a sad video »

The second reaction:

“Did you see this!?”

Guess how they react to the videos, where the creators are reinsured and cautious? True, the first option, or at best they do not notice. Therefore, to your video sent to each other people with the phrase “did you see this?”, You need to get out of the comfort zone and create something new. Repeating the next standard story in the style of the mass of other videos, you merge with the advertising noise.

Are you trying to please everyone?

If you look at super successful global brands, it becomes clear that they did not try to please everyone. These brands found their “own” people and worked for them. Therefore, when you try to please everyone at once, you turn away people loyal to you and become not attractive to new ones. Imagine if Apple began to produce printers and scanners, irons and hair dryers. At the same instant, they would become an ordinary company, like thousands of others. Focusing, you win in all spheres, scattering everywhere – you lose everywhere.


  • Choose one of the benefits of your product and “beat” it.
  • Do not tell me that your product has 17 advantages, the viewer will not remember.
  • Focusing, you get “your” audience, and not just buyers.

Consumers – no, there are people

As soon as you start to behave with clients, as with people, and not as consumers, you will immediately receive dividends. Consumers need quality and reliability. People need a human understanding of their characteristics.

Studies confirm that video clips based on emotions sell better than advertising created on the basis of benefits. When a brand in advertising talks about feelings and the wishes of the viewer, it emotionally brings the brand closer to people.


  • As an option, find in your area topics (insides) that will get a response from the viewer. Well, if the audience could say “this is about me.”
  • Talk to the audience as your friend, not an abstract consumer.
  • Emphasize emotions, not benefits.
  • Talk to the audience in the human language, not on the ad.


The modern person sees more than 3000 advertising messages a day, so try to stand out and remember from the first seconds. Cut everything you can, if it does not affect the meaning of the video, a modern person does not have much time for you. Before you shoot a video about the company, analyze the script, will it be entertaining the viewer?


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