A sales instruction in the form of an animation allows your business to tell customers and potential customers about your services or product.
We at edpit agency often create videos like this, so we want to share our experience with you. It is important to note that we create both animation and video clips, but most of the approaches will be valid in both cases. Of course, animation is better suited for more abstract processes that are difficult to capture on camera. Plus animation is limited only by your imagination. So let’s transgress.

What mistakes are important to avoid?

  • Write a screenplay on your own without experience. Of course, you need to start somewhere, but it’s better to do it with someone more experienced. The risks here are that having written a script that is difficult to implement, it must at least be rewritten and spent time on it. As a maximum, the one who creates the content will start working and all errors will be visible already in the process. This immediately doubles the cost of your video. By saving on script writing, you spend more money on production due to lack of experience. We in the company often write scripts and then check with the customer, this is the most effective method. We are responsible for the creative, and the customer controls the technical aspects.
  • Hire teams that don’t have the kind of work you want in their portfolio.
  • Make videos that are too long and boring. It is important to proceed from the fact that no one watches advertising, even if it is an instruction in which your client is interested, it is still better to make it as short and concise as possible.

The main secrets of selling instructions in the form of animation

There are certain principles, adhering to which you at least guarantee yourself a high-quality video that will be understandable to people. Of course, a selling instruction in the form of animation is not an entertaining video clip, but the viewer will be pleased if you offer him not only dry information, but also make it interesting. In addition, this will increase the chances that your video will be watched to the end.

  • Strategic session. Here it is important to define what your brand is? How do you talk in advertising, who are you to the client? Expert, friend, caring mom or someone else? It is also important to have a clear idea and even a portrait of your user. Ideally, if it looks like a profile with a photo, the more information, the better.
  • Studying competitors. Finding out what niche you can occupy in this “zoo”. If, for example, all competitors pose as sage-experts, then it may be more effective for you as a brand to try on the image of a “nerd” or “hooligan” in order to stand out. Thus, for the buyer, the picture in your niche will look like this: you and everyone else.
  • Spy on a client. If there is such an opportunity, and for example, you can go to a store or sales department and see the audience live, how it behaves, what it encounters, then this will greatly advance you in choosing a creative strategy. In addition, this is a good way to highlight an interesting insight that you will later show in an advertisement. The ideal situation is when, after watching the video, the viewer will say “As they guessed, the same thing happens to me!”. Insight is something that everyone knows about, but is embarrassed to talk about.

Stages of creating a sales instruction in the form of animation

  • Customer advance payment.
  • Creation of the creative part, the scenario according to which all team members can work.
  • Draw layouts. Freeze frames of future animation.
  • Recording the narrator in the recording studio. Selection of musical accompaniment.
  • Animation part.
  • Surcharge for animation video.


A sales instruction in the form of animation is just one of the tools, do not forget about it. Best of all, it will work in conjunction with the rest of the company’s service. If you want to make such a video clip without “adventures” on a turnkey basis, then contact us in the contacts section on this site.