Shoot and edit the video. The price of the issue.

Shoot and edit the video. The price of the issue.

The price of shooting and editing a video. Basic aspects

After there is a strategy and a creative scenario, the shooting and editing of the video begins, let’s see what the price of these two stages depends on. The more complex the task, the more expensive the project, or rather the more costs for the many components of the shooting process. In addition, the number of participants in the shooting process is dictated by specific tasks that are not inherent in the usual shooting process. This includes such professions as a stuntman, understudy or animal trainer.

Basic specialists for shooting a video

  • Producer. Organizes team and shooting process. Forms the price of the video based on the costs necessary for shooting.
  • Producer. Responsible for the creative component, writes tritment, directs the filming process.
  • Operator-director. Responsible for the beauty of the frame, the artistic component. Shoots independently, or supervises technical experts. His team can include a variety of technical specialists, such as a focus-puller or a technician in engineering.
  • Supervisor. A specialist who will then create computer graphics. On the site, he usually follows the correctness of the footage, this affects the quality of the integration of graphics in the video series.
  • The gopher. At its core – this is a director for lighting. Fills the space of locations and scenery with the necessary lighting. Has subordinate lighting, who perform technical tasks on the site.
  • Sound engineer. If a sound is recorded in the frame, then this specialist records and monitors its quality.
  • Make-up artist, make-up artist. If there are people in the frame, then at least they should be powdered so that they do not shine in the frame. Depending on the tasks, there are make-up artists who have the skills to create injuries, wounds, traces of blood and other things.
  • Costume designer, costume designer. He dresses actors, adjusts dimensions, creates images.
  • The cast of actors. Professional actors, amateurs, show business stars and others.

The shooting and editing of the video does not end at the stage of editing, so the price is formed from all components of post production. Post-production usually refers to all stages of work on the material removed from sound to computer graphics. We propose to consider the main stages.

Basic specialists for video editing

  • Film editor. Engaged in cutting and gluing all the footage.
  • Composer. As a rule, the director-editing makes cutting into the music that the composer has already created.
  • Unlike stock music – you get unique rights to use the track. Also, the composer can create interhumans and sound design, this is the so-called sound design of the video.
  • Motion-designer. Creates animated puckshots, text crashes and more. Makes dull things interesting.
  • Animators, specialists in VFX and CGI. Create with the help of computer technology and 3D modeling any living and nonliving objects. It can be like trees, landscapes, and fictional or real characters.
  • Speaker. He reads voice-over voice or records dubbing.

Shooting and editing a video on which the price depends?

On the example of the make-up artist, you can consider how the price varies. There are specialists who can only powder the nose of the cast, so that it does not shine. But there are also those who can draw a ragged plausible wound. From this skill and of course the task will depend on the difference of fees. That’s why there is no price for all occasions. After all, even as a speaker you can invite both a professional, a student and George Clooney. As you already guessed, the sums of the fee budgets will differ by a few zeros. We bring to your attention the main evaluation criteria for any project for which the price of a video is formed.

  • Experience of a professional. Whether it’s an operator or an actor, if he has good experience, then in principle it can not be cheap.
  • Interest in the project. If you have a very creative idea, then there is a possibility that you can discuss the discount in fees in the account of special effects or rental of the desired location.
  • Duration. For a specialist, the key factor can be the length of the project, one day, five days or a month of work, this will affect the amount of payment.
  • Complexity of the project and tasks. For example, if the make-up artist draws body art to three hundred members of the crowd, then it will pull the costs of both production and materials.


There are basic specialists, without which it simply will not work to create a quality product. There is no such thing as a single price, because all projects are different. The shooting and editing of a commercial for advertising is always done in different scenarios, and the price depends on many features.


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