Shooting of presentation films – 7 tips

Shooting of presentation films – 7 tips

Shooting of presentation films is a complicated process. The quality of the result depends on 53% of the contractor and 47% of the company. From the enthusiasm of the process management will depend on the accuracy of brand positioning in the market and individuality.

Who are “WE”?

When in the clip about the company the announcer says: “WE are the market leaders in creating intergalactic ships” – this is killing your marketing budget. You spent money on creating a video, but say: “WE” instead of the name of your company. For the viewer, all “WE” are the same. Therefore, mention the name of your company so that the viewer starts to remember you now.

Show your team

No matter how super-compact your hardware or software was, people always choose people. Show the faces of your company in different divisions. Introduce the viewer to the staff. Such a simple at first glance reception may seem trivial, but people trust their money – people, rather than a new production line or innovative technologies. If possible, write a short interview.

Closer to the point

Less time for neutral shots, beautiful views of your city, nature and everything that is not directly related to your company. The person who came to you on the site or YouTube channel wants to know specifically about you. He will look at the weekend with his family. Once a person watches your video, he is already in meditation. Give him the information he needs or the amount of confidence he wants.

How to improve the shooting of presentation films?

Shooting of presentation films can be fun thanks to technology. For today it is possible to afford various gadgets for an affordable budget. Let’s see what makes the video a lot more interesting:

  • Sliders. As a matter of fact it is a rail on which the camera along the removed object can pass. Slider makes it possible to make interesting even the most boring and static frame. Accountant Tamara Ivanovna sitting in her working chair will look like a Hollywood star.
  • Stabilization systems. Allow to carry out mobile flights around the object to be photographed. The camera literally floats through the air, which makes the frames more interesting from an artistic point of view.
  • Quadrocopters and all that flies. Flying gadgets have long been not exclusive, so we recommend you to diversify your video series with flights from the air, especially if you have something to show from a bird’s eye view. From the air look good in the frame of construction objects, warehouses, hangars and various industries.

The shorter, the better

Judge for yourself, how do you watch the video on the Internet about companies? In life no one looks at long presentation films, everyone only looks at what is really interesting. Do not expect that your 10-minute video will be watched to the end, so shorten the timing as soon as you can. The details of the company can be found on the website, and in the video only the most interesting and important.

Show the difficult – just

Thanks to infographics, you can show complicated things in a simple way. Huge figures, comparisons of indicators, the growth of the company in the context of several years – all this can be shown in several slides. Edpit agency in its practice usually selects the style of graphics according to the brand of the company’s beech or develops independently.

About speakers and music design

Choose the timbre of the voice of the announcer that will match the style of your brand. Now there are many beautiful voices, among which you can choose the necessary sound of your brand. When the video is built only for employee interviews, it is better to choose dynamic and vibrant music, it will fill the gaps between conversations. If the entire video consists of a narrator’s story behind the scenes, then it’s better to take more passive music so that it does not interrupt the voice.

Shooting of presentation films requires detailed study of the smallest nuances, so the key to success is good preparation. We at Edpit agency are ready to help you with the presentation video from writing the script to putting the finished film.


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