We do all kinds of promotional videos

Promo video can be called as a short video clip about the service, or a long corporate video about the company. All these are different types of promotional videos. It is safe to say that there is no one standardized concept. Promo video – video content promoting your brand / product / service. And what kind of shell such content will have is a matter of taste and budget. Before you dive into the details and understand the details, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the types of videos that fit the description:

Types of promotional videos

The list can be continued, because there are no identical promotional videos that could be standardized, as there are no identical companies and tasks.

What determines the price of a promotional video?

Without a doubt, any promotional video can be created cheaply, but will the customer be satisfied with the result? Good specialists are unlikely to work for a penny, so if you are offered a cheap price, do not rush to rejoice, it is better to find out some details. Here are three questions that you can ask the contractor if you were guarded by a very nice price:


  • Will our future video clip look the same as work in the portfolio? Or will it be a video class below?
  • Will the contractor make corrections or will it be as a separate service?
  • Does this price include good music, an announcer, good color grading and so on?

A team of professionals can always justify every penny that is spent on producing a promotional video. Let’s look at what the price will depend on, regardless of what types of promotional videos are created: Terms of production of a promotional video. If the customer wants to receive the video clip before the actual production period, the price of the clip will be higher than the base one. The reason will be the work of the team after hours and weekends. The faster you need to make a promotional video, the more expensive it will cost the customer.

Duration of the video. This is especially important when creating animated videos, because there is a second work on the project. The movie’s time is least affected in production or corporate videos. the increase in work will only apply to the filmmaker, colorist and announcer. The presence of the announcer in the commercial. In addition to the announcer’s expense item itself, you must also remember that the price of the announcer will depend on his experience and the language in which the video clip will be. It so happened historically that English-language broadcasters, for example, are 2-3 times more expensive than Russian-language or Ukrainian ones. Graphic inserts, animation, tracking. This is one of the most time-consuming article in any project.

Animation – it takes time and human resources, so if computer graphics are planned in your video clip, then it will cost additional money. Music from paid stocks or to order from the composer. Such services are often resorted to because free music is boring and banal. As you know, music makes 30-70% of the mood of the commercial. The fastest way is to buy music on stock, but if you want something special, then it is better to stock up on patience and time and order a musical composition from the composer.

What do you need to pay attention to?

When ordering an advertising promotional video, you should pay attention to some non-obvious points:

The company’s experience, client brands, portfolios with the kind of work that you like. Project deadlines, the number of free edits, “pitfalls.” The ability of a specialist with whom you conduct a dialogue to answer all your questions, at least superficially. There are, of course, questions that the project manager will not be able to answer. But in general, an experienced specialist usually answers almost all questions and it almost never depends on what types of promotional videos are discussed.