Video about the industrial company – our cases

Video about the industrial company – our cases

Previously, for a factory or a factory, in order to be modern it was necessary to have a website, but now such a need is a video clip about an industrial company. Every brand that is associated with the production or creation of something is simply obliged to be on YouTube. After all, the first thing a person wants to do is to find a video clip about the manufacturer on the Internet.

We at the edpit agency understand very well what an industrial or production video is, because they created with their own hands a variety of projects for every taste. Let’s analyze all types of videos on specific cases and determine what needs to be considered when creating such projects.

Video about the industrial construction company ZIM GROUP

This example is good because all the main departments of the company are balanced in time, but it doesn’t take a lot of time for a movie. As usually happens in such projects – all objects are in different locations, so the basis for filming a video clip included careful planning. All the scenes were filmed in one shooting day, with the exception of filming the transportation department and filming residential complexes from the air.

The complexity of the project:

  • I had to carry out shooting in a very compact time frame.
  • In order to make the cadres of residential complexes more beautiful, the camera crew decided to shoot these frames at sunset due to the “soft” light.

Video for industrial company Polimin

This project is different in that there is computer graphics in each episode. At the time of publication of this article on the Polimin customer’s YouTube channel, our video has scored more than 1,300,000 views. This video clip can be divided into the following stages:

  • Creating a concept and script
  • Selection of locations, development
  • Shooting office part of the roller
  • Production in the laboratory
  • Surveying in production
  • The shooting process at the construction site (partner of our client).

The complexity of the project:

  1. Because of the graphic inserts, it was necessary to arrange each frame in such a way that there were no problems with overlaying the graphics on the post-production.
  2. The video about the Polimin industrial company was complicated by the fact that the location of the laboratory in production did not suit us for several reasons. Therefore, we found a replacement in a special studio and invited lab assistants to take pictures.

Video clip for industrial company Blockmaster / BlockMaster

The client needed a video for the upcoming exhibition, so we had to do the preparatory work very quickly and start shooting. A feature of the project was his appointment – for the exhibition, so the narrator’s voiceover was absent. We had to select such textual theses so that they were concise, but conveyed the essence.

The complexity of the project:

  • All facilities for filming – were far beyond the city, more than 500 km. The path to the location took about 6 hours due to impassable rural roads.
  • In the course of filming at the first location in the Odessa region, it was decided together with the customer to hold another shooting day, but already in the Khmelnytsky region at an industrial facility. After one shooting the film crew had to go immediately to another.

Video about industrial company LYSOFORM

It was important to make a clear presentation video clip in which the main production facilities would be shown. Short and minimalistic graphic text inserts would complement the working spaces shown in the episodes.

The complexity of the project:

  • Production space did not provide space for the film crew and equipment. Therefore, we had to adjust to the space using wide-angle lenses and stuff.
  • We had to adjust to the reflecting surfaces so that the camera with the operator was not reflected in the frame.

Video about industrial production company KARAT LTD

The main goal was to show our own production of cable and wire, the latest equipment and facilities of the enterprise. The secondary goal is warehouses and areas with cable and electrical products from different manufacturers.

The complexity of the project:

  • Aerial surveys in closed warehouses in places very slowed down the process of shooting, because there was a huge risk of a drone colliding with the walls and ceiling.
  • The company’s logistics service was ready to shoot only early in the morning, since then cars were leaving for deliveries.

Video clips about residential complexes

Well, for dessert, a few examples of videos about residential complexes. Their unifying factors are:

  • Shooting from the air
  • Graphic inserts
  • Show comfortable space, landscaping and infrastructure.

The complexity of such projects:

  • I had to shoot in the early morning. Since, firstly, the correct lighting, and secondly, fewer people in the courtyards that can distract the viewer.
  • Dangerous aerial photography routes, there is a risk of a drone crashing.


A video about an industrial company is always a set of complex tasks that a video clip customer should take into account. The more experienced the contracting team, the greater the chance that your video will be shot on time, at no additional cost. We hope this case was useful and opened some features



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