One of the most frequently asked questions from clients is: what is the development of a location and why is it needed? The development of the set is an addiction and the establishment of technical production moments before shooting. The better this preparation goes, the better the shooting.

The main reasons for developing the location?

  1. Operator “sighting”. The operator inspects the location and determines which optics and equipment will be used when shooting a promotional video.
  2. Mastering the location with a gaffer. Gafer is the person who is responsible for the creative production of lighting and directs the lighting. At the location, he determines the number of lighting devices, the power and nature of the lighting.
  3. Mastering by the artist director. This specialist is engaged in creating the design of the space in the frame. Regardless of whether full-fledged scenery or a minor design is created, it is important for an artist to navigate in the space of a future location and to know the size.

What is location development

Types of locations

There are several types of locations, let’s look at the differences and features of the preparation for each.

  • The pavilion is a specialized place created exclusively for filming projects of various sizes. It is convenient to shoot, organize the preparation of scenery and place a film crew. Usually in the pavilions everything is created for convenient work: 380V electricity, dressing rooms, cupboards, toilets, a rather convenient location and entrance. Sometimes, pavilions include well-prepared photo studios with all the amenities for filming commercials, videos or movies.
  • Interior natural locations are locations that are not created for shooting, but that are suitable for the production of video clips or movies on the interior. It can be ordinary apartments, beauty salons, gyms and more.
  • Nature, city. Any exteriors in the city that may be suitable for future filming. For example, shooting a hero against a skyscraper or against a city traffic jam. The main task during such filming is to solve administrative issues and settle all permissions.
  • Nature, nature. Lake, forest, field – this is not a complete list of places where you can organize shooting. The main difficulty in such filming is the lack of all the benefits of civilization. Therefore, the film crew will have to organize everything on their own from a van with makeup to portable toilets and electric generators.

Is it possible to do without mastering the location?

You can only in one case if your shooting time is very cheap, and you can afford to think about how to shoot right on the spot during shooting. Also, reporting shooting sometimes does not need preliminary preparation. But if you are involved in the shooting of expensive equipment, specialists, location rental, then it will be cheaper to look around in advance than to pay for simple equipment and teams. What is location development? This is the key to shooting at the right level. In addition, without mastering, you do not know how many lighting devices you need to bring to the shooting, equipment, optics, check the availability of the necessary power supply and other things. In this case, you are doing fortune telling and very risking.

Errors in mastering locations

You should not be satisfied with photos of locations, because the photo could have been taken a very long time. In addition, it is not clear under what lighting the photograph was taken. Therefore, you need to try to come and see the location personally, with your own eyes. You need to come to the location at the right time, at which time you will shoot your video. Otherwise, natural light, if you work with it, can ruin your shot. A big mistake is to ignore the agreement and permission to shoot a commercial. Sometimes a shooting day can become a downtime due to a lack of permissions for locations.


Summarizing, we can say that with a professional approach, the development of a location is always strictly necessary. After all, no one ever knows what kind of surprise awaits you on the set. After all, what is the development of a location? First of all, this is an opportunity to prepare, as well as to exclude financial risks during filming.