If it comes to promoting the company, then a reasonable question arises: where to order a commercial in Kiev? On this topic, we have collected some thoughts and useful tips that can be useful to you. So, before you are four of the most important components that you should pay attention to.

Find a team on the same wavelength with you.

At first glance it may seem commonplace and nonsense, but when you start arguing over each comma with the contractor, then you will not be joking.

  • the first meeting or call you did not have a conversation – look for a replacement.
  • When communicating, they do not understand you – look for a replacement.
  • If communication with a contractor does not add up very well, but it gives a good price, look for a replacement, your nerves are more expensive.

At edpit agen cy did not pass without edits, not because someone is bad or good, but because the creative process is a constant search for something new and better. When you hear the word “Zoo” you can imagine a zebra. Your friend will introduce the giraffe, and your school teacher will be the elephant. But this does not mean that someone is wrong, everyone sees in their own way the same things. Friction, controversy, discussion are unavoidable, the main thing is that the people with whom this creative process takes place are in your spirit.

Look at the Internet reviews about the company.

Yes, you can say that the responses can be laudatory and not real, or negative reviews from competitors. The fact is that real reviews are usually visible at a glance. They are usually either laconic or have explicit details:

  • Company name for which the promotional video was made;
  • Mention of the person with whom the communication took place;
  • Small details that relate to a particular order, for example, the customer thanks for adding sound.
  • In reviews in Google you can see the name and surname of a person and try to find it on social networks, if desired.

Thus using such a not tricky analysis, you can easily understand for yourself where to order a commercial in Kiev. By the way, a good way to check will be to call the company with a question about a particular negative review. According to the answer, it will be possible to understand whether this is true or not, and how the people themselves in the company relate to their mistakes in work.

Look at the company’s portfolio.

Everything is simple, if you watch the work of the contractor and you like them, then you can safely enter the negotiation phase. But if suddenly the work is so-so, but the price is good, then you risk getting a mediocre promotional video. No need to indulge yourself with the illusions that the company will jump above your head when working on your project. For justice, it’s necessary to say about exceptions, for example, our company edpit agency also belongs to such a short list of companies. Let’s see what “markers” indicate that the team with which you communicate can give out something more than your strength:

  • The company is constantly evolving, learning from the best, sorting out its own and foreign cases. For example, we in edpit often attend seminars and parties, which are organized by the top agencies of Ukraine.
  • The team is experimenting with formats, and does not work according to a knurled pattern. For example, we are in edpit in the last project, we decided to make a puppet cartoon for the client, instead of 2d animations.
  • The agency constantly learns not only in its narrow field. For example, we in edpit are inspired by great cinema and in the future we want to be involved not only in the creation of promotional videos, but also in objects of art.

Evaluate experience and skills with a specific bias.

This can be any complex format that is needed to solve your problems. For example, you need a team that knows how to shoot a small nondescript production as if it were a huge factory. Or here’s a real life example. We recently won a tender to create animated videos on the subject of HIV infection, since we already had a good experience in creating content in such a sensitive topic. In 95% of cases, it is better to look for a team with experience, but for fairness, it must be said that the “fresh” approach can “win the expertise” by taking a new look at things. After all, advertising is created to be noticed by people.


Before answering the question of where to order a commercial, you need to pay attention to the simplicity of communication and the team’s portfolio, and later look at the price tag. After all, as you know the price is forgotten, and the video clip will remain for years in your website and social networks.