If briefly, then of course at the edpit agency, because we have good experience. But let’s order. When a business needs to create an animation clip, a number of questions appear before the marketing department. Where to order a motion design video, how to choose a company so that there is a good price and quality? In this article we will deal with the main criteria that the customer should consider when choosing a contractor.

Experience in creating motion picture design

When choosing a company, pay attention to how many similar projects the company has done before you? Yes, of course, if beginners will study for you it is cheaper, but the quality and time will be a big question. It is much better to choose them from those who already know how to do their job professionally. Here is a checklist that you can walk with your future customer: How many years has the company been working in this field? How long have you had the experience of creating exactly your kind of video clips (let’s say you make some kind of your rare kind of video, for example, with 3D characters) ? How much time do you need for this project? An experienced team can immediately say the necessary time, plus reserves for insurance.

Portfolio video quality

You can request interesting types of video clips. For example, you need to create a medical video. In this case, you can request something similar on your topic. It may turn out that the company has already done similar projects and knows the specifics, so you get a team that already knows what to do.

If the task does not have any specifics, then there is no reason to look for a company with experience in this matter either. The issue of quality is subjective, but nevertheless some characteristics can be highlighted that allow you to evaluate the level of animation or artists.

  • The animation clip is designed in the same style, in everything is beautiful and understandable to him. If the motion-design video is created quickly and not qualitatively, then its creators can use elements from different styles, downloading them to various free and paid stocks. A responsible company will not allow itself this, so the work can go a little longer, but better.
  • The movements of characters or objects. Quality work is when the movements are smooth and beautiful.
  • Details in an animated video clip. If the video clip contains interesting trifles or details, then this is a sign that they worked on it with love and awe. It is also a sign of quality.

Creative ability

What customers call a script is often not quite a script. That’s because in many scenarios it is not clear how and what to take off? A script is a document that professionals create for other professionals. Thus, when reading – everything is clear, both in terms of meaning, as well as in terms of implementation. Therefore, it is important that the company where you go has experience in creating scripts, creative ideas. It doesn’t mean at all that your written script needs to be thrown away; rather, on the contrary, it should be finalized and brought into a suitable form. If you don’t know where to order a motion design video, so that there would be a scripting service and a good price, then you can contact edpit agency, our team will advise you.

So when contacting production, you can clarify whether they create scripts or just work on ready-made solutions? Even if your script is written by professionals on the side, it sometimes happens that you need to suddenly make changes at the stage of creating the video.

Reviews about the company

No matter how the representative of the contractor praises himself, there is nothing better than live real reviews to find out about the work of the company. Consider options where you can find out about the company’s past services, what the video will do for you:

  • Google reviews. Usually, authorized users leave reviews here. It is especially good if a person indicates the name of the company or project, this is what determines the real reviews from fake.
  • Reviews on Facebook. The same as in the paragraph above, only you can “examine” the person who left feedback in more detail.
  • Request contacts. This method is suitable for the most persistent. You can ask a question like this: “What company representative can you provide contact information for feedback about you?”


Where to order a motion design video, with creativity, and to have a good price? Order where the best works are in the portfolio, where people are pleasant in communication, where they participate in the script creation process.