When ordering an advertising video clip, customers have many questions about where the budget will be spent. One of the questions from customers who occasionally have to hear is why do I need a producer and director in advertising? What is logical, after all, for some people these professions sound like new words and would like to know in more detail about what these people are for?

What is a producer for advertising for?

A producer is a person who combines creative and analytical talents. Any commercial video clip begins with it. The creative component is needed to assess the quality of the script and creativity. Analytics – contributes to the organization of advertising production so that the customer can count on the approved budget, at no additional cost. The producer takes the task from the customer and collects a suitable team for its implementation. First, work is done on the script, and then the organization of shooting, shooting and post-production. Let’s look at what is most often the producer’s responsibilities:

  • Work with the client at the initial stage, setting the task.
  • Organization of creating the creative part of the project, script, concept, idea.
  • Preliminary budgeting of the project.
  • Preparation of the shooting period.
  • Creating scenery, finding locations, renting equipment, casting actors, selecting a film crew.
  • Organization of filming. On the set, there should be all the conditions from the desired voltage and current strength in the network, to the conditions for makeup and catering teams.
  • Organize post-production. Editing, color correction, sound, music and graphics.

It is important to focus on such a moment! If there is no producer in an advertising project, then someone will perform his functions in any case. Perhaps part of the work will be undertaken by the agency and the director. In any case, producer work is indispensable.

Crossing out the producer’s responsibilities from the budget, you simply transfer these functions to someone else. The producer is a kind of intermediate link between the customer and the creative team (director), he sets the right tasks taking into account the wishes of the customer and technical capabilities.

What is a director for advertising for?

In addition to organizational issues, there is a purely creative component in the shooting of the commercial. And another professional is responsible for this. The article “Why do we need a producer and director in advertising?” Would not be complete without a description of the tasks and responsibilities of the director. The director is the creative core of the project, which is responsible for conveying the meaning of the commercial. The director joins the project when the script is ready and approved. Here is a list of actions in which the director takes an active part:

  • Creation of a director’s script;
  • selection of actors; selection of locations with the cameraman;
  • selection and approval of sets, costumes, make-up for the future video clip;
  • filming on the site, working with actors; creating a directorial version of the montage of the commercial;
  • work with dubbing, special effects and music for the video .

Ideally, the director brings his vision to the commercial. He is hired for this. Because simply filming the script is not quite what the director requires. At a professional level of creating video clips – the director adds his own style, zest. And this is what brings special energy to advertising. Or at least improves, twists the plot, works with actors, which also adds integrity to the promotional video.


Thus, let’s briefly summarize the main functions of the producer and director. Here are the main points for what a producer and director need in advertising:

  1. Producer – manages, administers, organizes and provides the project.
  2. Director – makes the magic of the letters in the script. Ideally, it adds something that was not originally laid down in the script.