To begin with, let’s figure out what an animated instruction is and why it is needed for business? This type of video is created primarily to explain to the user the details of using a product or service. As a secondary goal – this is the dissemination of information about the product and PR.

Types of animation instructions

There are such types of similar videos, below is a list of the main types:

  • Video-instruction on how to use the product/service
  • Video on how to order/buy this product
  • Video about the service itself. For viewers who may not know that such a service exists or it is fundamentally different from the rest.
  • Video instructions for the entire product line, in general terms.

Animation Instruction Styles with Examples

An animation instruction is an animation in the first place, which means it must be stylistically designed. The following types of videos are distinguished by animation styles:

Nuances and features of creation

This type of animated video is more technical than creative. Therefore, the data provided by the customer plays an important role here. The more detailed the client draws up the terms of reference or draws up a plan for the instruction, the better our team (edpit agency) will be able to make the final result. This way the team will be better able to focus on the creative side of both the script and the implementation rather than learning the technicalities of the product.


Animated instruction is a cool working tool for your business. If you want to order such a video from an experienced team, then you have successfully found us. Write or call us in the contacts section of this site and our team will contact you.