Animation movie and its cost

Animation movie and its cost

In this article, we will understand what is an animated movie and on what does its cost depend? In addition, we will analyze which tasks best suit certain types of animation, graphics and motion design.

Animation movie is a video clip that is designed (in marketing) to sell, train, present or create an animation instruction. Also, an animation or a moonstone design is created, which is created for TV screensavers, Internet screen savers, titles, heroes’ signatures and so on.

Order an animated movie, what will be the cost?

As in the industry as a whole, the price will depend on the complexity of the project and the time spent on it. Let’s analyze the main types of animated video clips that differ in value:

  1. 3D animation with live characters. In 3d animation with living heroes the highest budgets, because the customer has to deal with large complex objects. There is practically copying of living people, animals, insects and other things, which requires very fine work. These can be fictitious characters or prototypes of people, plus the world depicted around the characters.
  2. 3d animation with inanimate objects. Most often in advertising are found among residential complexes, aircraft, architectural structures. A separate direction in advertising is the creation of 3d pekshotov and other video, where packaging is created with the product, for example, a bank of beer. Since removing some products in the right angles is sometimes very difficult, then they resort to 3D animation and visualization.
  3. 2D animation with the characters. When the customer orders such an animated movie, it saves considerably in comparison with 3D graphics, since the cost is several times lower. It is often used, in order to show complicated things – it’s easy. This style of animation is good to depict the use of some kind of service or mobile application.
  4. 2D animation. Applied in presentation rollers and in rollers instructions. Such videos are good for displaying statistics and figures. Due to its conciseness, such graphics simplify the perception for the viewer.
  5. Motion-design combines all the graphics, so this paragraph is here for justice. Any kind of graphics can be called a moonstone design, at least no one will prohibit it.
  6. Animated logos. Probably, 99% of the filmmakers who shoot video clips still resort to ordering an animated logo or pekshot. In the same animation, the more so, it’s an integral part. What is a pakshtot read here. Usually if this is a 2D schedule, then the price will be quite affordable. As a rule, for the purposes of brand recognition – an animated logo is used the same throughout the advertising campaign.
  7. Stop-motion animation. It is created by the animator on the set. At the stage of postproduction, 2d or 3d animation is added. The cost of stop-motion animation depends on the task, complexity and duration. The props and scenery are also taken into account.

When is animation appropriate?

An experienced sales manager will tell you that animation is relevant everywhere and always, but in fact it is a lie. The appropriateness of the animation is determined primarily by the strategy of the advertising company, the positioning of the brand and the target audience. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that if competitors “stamp” the animation, then you need to avoid it. Conversely, if in your market everyone shoots promotional videos, then animation will probably allocate you from the total mass. Let’s get acquainted with the main advantages of animation:

  • Well shows complex things, simplifying everything with the help of a special visual narrative.
  • Can be completely unobtrusive in contrast to some video clips.
  • In the minds of many people, animation is associated with cartoons from childhood, and these are good memories.
  • Sometimes cheaper than full-scale shooting.

Animation movie and its cost

The budget of the video depends on:

  1. The complexity of animation, 3d or 2d. The last time in the trend is the combination of these two styles.
  2. Music is paid \ free \ on request from the composer.
  3. Presence of the announcer.
  4. Timing of the roller.

More about the music in our video blog:


Animation is a good way of presenting non-existent projects, such as residential complexes or as yet not created start-ups. Also with the help of animation you can perfectly visualize the instruction or complex statistics. An animation clip is always a multi-level project, its cost depends on the type of animation and the amount of work.


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