Captions to video

Captions to video

One of the tools that improves the perception of a video clip is titles. And although the rules for creating titles do not exist – we’ll try to understand their features. In this article, we will review the most commonly used types of titles.

Subtitles with translation into another language

In fact, the titles for a video clip can be connected to YouTube. The automatic system recognizes the voice and translates it into letters under the video. When you can use automatic subtitles without problems:

  1. When the accuracy of the translation is not of critical importance and approximate translations are allowed.
  2. When you do not care what font style and text selection is used.
  3. When you are sure that the viewer will be able to figure out where the subtitles on YouTube are connected.

In other cases, we advise you to create titles and subtitles yourself; this allows for point editing. Why to create titles yourself is always better:

  • You set the font size and style yourself. You can use the branded font of your company for brand book.
  • You will be correctly understood, because you yourself checked every word and comma, and counting on a robot this will not work.
  • It is not necessary to hope that the viewer will guess to include automatic subtitles. Creating titles yourself – you avoid accidents.
  • Your subtitles will always be available, even on other video platforms or simply by transferring a video file.

Titles for highlighting main theses

Not always the task of captions to a video clip – to show the correct translation of the text. It happens that titrovka is used to reinforce the meaning in the video clip and they appear in the same language as the announcer. Let’s analyze the advantages of this method:

  • This gives you the right accents on the necessary things.
  • Working on the visualization of the appearance of the text, you create the right mood, which enhances the desired effect.
  • The person perceives the information both by ear and visually, adding a visual component you increase the chances of memorability.

Titles for promo rollers

Captions to a video clip can also be emotional, such are all kinds of titles for promos. This topic is the most emotional, because they use it in promos, in trailers, teasers and even in the movies themselves. Here you can use both abstracts and single words. This type of titre is practiced even by such large companies as Apple and this is bearing fruit. When this approach works best:

  • When you need to accommodate a large number of product properties.
  • When you need dynamics and drive.
  • When you are limited by the timing of the commercial.

Captions to a clip or a mini movie

There is a practice of creating titles for clips, in which all members of the team are registered. Sometimes the beginning of the video work endure the name of the studio, production or director. In general, if it does not interfere with telling your story – then this is the place to be. Especially talented teams create titles to their work, so that everything becomes one whole video close.

Titles for video presentations

By selling their product or idea, people often use titles that are put into practice. It’s best to look for phrases that appear on the whole screen on a homogeneous background. First, the task is described, and then the way to solve it is described. The whole text part alternates with pictures and video material. It is not recommended to pile too much text, ideally – 1 line in one scene (slide). Captions to the video clip – will always be good if they are useful and understandable to the viewer.


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