Good afternoon to you, do you drink coffee with sugar or delicious? If earlier people accessed the Internet exclusively from a personal computer, now the share of smartphones is breaking all records. And an ordinary user is not very comfortable reading texts from a smartphone screen. In addition, the modern Internet allows you to download any video in any quality. That is why video content becomes the main guide for any site. Here we will consider a case for creating animation for a website.

Кейс создания анимации для сайта

A regular client contacted us to create a series of animated videos. These videos do not sell in the literal sense of the word, they provide the viewer with useful and informative information. The site evaluates VPN services, both paid and free. Therefore, users use it as an authoritative source of information on the ratings of all services at the moment. For example, if you want to watch any content on Netflix, you need one kind of VPN, and if it is important for you to safely use torrent sites, then another.

A task

So, let’s analyze the case of creating animation for a video that tells about the safe use of torrent sites. The client ordered a video in an animated style, about 3 minutes. The video should contain an English-language narrator’s text and an interesting story on the topic.


We have broken down the work on the project into several important stages:

  • Terms of reference and questions on it.
  • Writing a script with the narrator’s text.
  • Drawing layouts, creating a style for the video.
  • Voice-over recording in English.
  • Selection of musical accompaniment.
  • Animation.

Our case for creating animation for the site also did not go without creating and working out the script.

We have developed the script of the video clip so that the client can understand from it what is happening and at what moment. In addition, in the format that we proposed, you can estimate what the announcer will speak at this moment.


The client received a series of collage layouts. It was convenient to understand the style of the characters, the interior, the mood of the video and other tricks.


A case of creating animation for a website cannot be without the animation itself. This is what it was all started for – this is the animation of the video. Here is not only the movement of the heroes, but also the appearance, frame changes, transitions. All this requires work and revitalization.