Graphic commercial – what’s behind the scenes?

Graphic commercial – what’s behind the scenes?

Strategy, idea, concept

Before you create a graphic commercial, you need to decide what this ad is about, for whom and why? The first step is to analyze the brand. Then, the analysis of the audience and after that the strategy is shown how to win this audience. The more details such a session will be held, the more complete the picture you will have before you. It is also important to kill bad ideas, this frees up energy to work on the project.

Scenario of a graphic commercial

When there is information on the hands of who is “our man” and “as our brand says,” we begin to create drafts of the script. We improve it until it starts to like. Usually the script includes only the most important thing, technical questions and unnecessary details here it is not customary to write. It is important to “hook” the audience from the first seconds. There is always a need to invest something intriguing and memorable in the beginning. You need to remember the product that we sell and the call to action at the end of the video. More details on how to design scenarios read in our article.

Layouts of the graphic roller

After approval of the scenario – we proceed to create layouts. The nature of the characters, appearance, clothing, facial expressions and so on is created. At this stage, the color palette and type of virtual lighting are also selected.

An important step in the work is the creation of backgrounds and locations. Interior details, color, light and background characters are worked out. After the work done on all the scenes of the video clip – the customer gets layouts, according to which it is already possible to understand what will be the future graphic commercial.


All models liked, all scenes are approved, it’s time to revive everything in this video. In living characters, plastic is studied, but in inanimate dynamics of movement and appearance. Creates and creates transitions between scenes, the appearance of objects and heroes. The most difficult to work with the plasticity of the movement of characters. The more in your character roll, the longer it takes to work out all the moves.

Speaker soundtrack, sound design, music

  1. The announcer can voice both specific characters, and simply comment on the actions behind the scenes. In the work of Edpit agency – the announcer is recorded in the studio after creating the animation in the case when you need to duplicate the movement of the characters and repeat the movements of the mouth. In other cases, we prefer to record the sound of the announcer’s chirp in advance, in order to read the video series under its reading.
  2. Sound design and interhumans qualitatively complement the video, emphasizing all the details, actions and frame changes. Thanks to the insertion of sounds – a video clip acquires features of a live action.
    Music stock or ordered from the composer always adds charm and atmosphere to the graphic commercial.
  3. Thanks to the right choice of mood music you can emphasize the necessary emotions: joy, anxiety or, for example, sadness.

Advantages of a graphic video clip

A graphic clip is useful when you need to show complicated things by simple means. Thanks to visual effects, it’s easy to show the “transformation” of one coin into a bunch of money, the crediting of bonuses to the client’s account and so on. A special visual language makes a graphic commercial irreplaceable for the implementation of any creative ideas and scenarios.


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