How much does it cost to shoot a commercial, Kiev – This is one of the frequently asked questions from people and companies who want to order a video. The short answer to this question is that the budget depends on the approved scenario.

After all, when such a question is asked, it is still not clear whether the actors will be there or we are just filming the client’s production, or maybe there will be 5 locations, not 1. One customer wants a clinic video with animation, and the other says that he just needs to shoot beautifully his residential complex. In this case, it is important to understand whether it will be a short review or presentation videos, or maybe something else?

But let’s use an abstract example to look at the meanings of the numbers for each stage of video production.

How much does a commercial script cost

Budgets here start at $ 300. Why do you need a script? This is the element because of which some films gross billions of dollars in box office, while others fail miserably. Some advise friends, while others leave in the middle of the session. Do you get the analogy with commercials? You want to throw one video to a friend with the words “look, you will like this”, and you want to turn off the other after the first 3 seconds.

Director and cameraman of the video clip

In our edpit agency practice, a client recently said: why do we need a director, I’m a director myself, let’s shoot everything clear! Even if you have a script written and the idea is clear, who will convey the idea to the entire film crew and actors, who will monitor the implementation of the main idea during the editing?

Who will take responsibility for the lighting, for the picture, for the acting and so on? Yes, you can push this task to the operator, so that along with the construction of the frame he also does this. Well, then we get the wedding operator level, 2 in 1. As a result, the operator does everything at once and nothing at the same time.

The shooting takes a long time, the lease of the location is over, all the participants of the shooting have to pay extra for processing. In other words, it’s easier to take both the director and the operator, you won’t regret it. Budget for two from $ 400.

Preparation period

How much it costs to shoot a commercial is difficult to say if the preparatory period has not yet been calculated, in this case the city is not important, but let it be Kiev. Before you shoot, you need to prepare everything properly. Here is an approximate list of tasks that need to be solved and paid for:

  • Location search – location manager.
  • Set design – art director.
  • Casting of actors – casting director.
  • Recruitment of personnel for future shooting – illuminators, gaffers, administrators.

Budget from $ 600.

How much does a shooting day cost?

When everything is planned, it remains to remove it. Often in practice, after the shooting day, almost all participants in the process are immediately paid. After all, the operator, illuminator and others have done their job on the project. So, on a shooting day, the following specialists are usually involved:

  • Director, producer, cameraman.
  • Actors, make-up artist.
  • Illuminators, gaffers.
  • Administrators and others.

Sometimes a graphics specialist is also involved in very serious filming. Such a person coordinates all the actions of the camera, so that later it would be convenient and easier to make animation in this video clip.

Budget from $ 700. If shooting without actors, then from $ 400.

Postproduction cost

Of the past stages, perhaps only the director and producer remains. The final part of the work remains:

  • Video and sound editing.
  • Color correction.
  • Animation creation.
  • Announcer and sound design.

Budget from 300 dollars. Thus, the question of how much it costs to shoot a commercial, Kiev – we consider covered in general terms. For a more detailed and specific calculation, please refer to the contacts section on this website.